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    Where to buy a bike?

    I went on kijiji and craigslist and noticed a huge dropoff in the number of mid-high-end bikes for sale. I checked canadian cyclist, too, and really, not much. Pink Bike? Is this where everyone is selling bikes these days? Looking for a friend who wants a 29er mountain, used. Holy smokes, there...
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    Bell Low Speed Internet in Kleinburg.

    My father-in-law built himself a typical house for the area: You know the kind. Stucco, 100 foot ceilings, 2 wine cellars, and all the bells and whistles he still doesn't know how to use. The shitty thing is, his internet is 1 MBPS. That's the max speed that Bell acknowledges is available. Even...
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    Raptors vs Cavs Wednesday below face value $200 per ticket

    hello I'm selling a pair of seats section 112 row 10 seat 1 and 2 face value $223 selling the pair for $400 please email kubatron at gmail tix can be emailed or hard tix @ acc presented
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    SIGNED 2014 All-Star Derozan Jersey - proceeds to charity

    Hello, as Mortgage broker in Toronto, the best mortgage rates and more - Mortgage Jake I am selling this Toronto Raptors 2014 All-Star Derozan jersey, signed by the man himself, for $200. I will also match what the end price will be 100% and donate all proceeds to Yonge St Mission and Scott...
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    music set up options for factory

    problem: wife has a small factory where we need to figure out a centralized music option, which we can turn on/off remotely (i.e. off site) and has ease of use for on-site. currently there are 3 radios going on at once, which is stupid. we want to have one option, where an employee can...
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    Raptors Tuesday Nov 4 vs Thunder

    selling a pair of Raps v Thunder tickets S 112 Row 10 Seat 1 & 2 Face $145something Yours for my cost $90 per seat email kubatron at gmail.com
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    LF: 2 bed for rent east side danforth etc

    My best friend is separating and is looking for a clean 2 bedroom apartment with parking. No pets. Looking east of broadview, south of o'connor. Email me if you know of anything avail. Can be buildin or house, doesn't matter. $1700 all-in budget approx. kubatron at gmail.
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    lease takeover 2014 traverse SUV

    See the leasebusters ad below, and email me with any questions kubatron at gmail $739 per month tax included $5000 cash incentive 9K kms, allows for 23K per year 26 months left on lease only 2014 Chevrolet Traverse 2LT AWD w/NAVIGATION & 7 Passenger Car is presently...
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    When will tribe die?

    I have been visiting this website for very long time and I have found a lot of value in the contributions by the members. The site has given me an enormous amount of humor some terrific friendships and overall great memories. But I often wonder when will this website close and a part of history...
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    I'm not technically proficient enough nor do I have the resources to know how I can do a webcast (live) but I would like to know if someone here knows of a company OR can do it for us? It won't be more than 15-30 mins, in Richmond Hill ONT in July for a contest our company is doing. Help!
  11. K

    2 month short-term house for rent in Roncy

    $2K 3 bed 1.5 bath detached 2 car parking July/August $2K plus util - pet, smoke friendly. between macdonnell and roncesvalles on fern ave. email only kubatron at gmail
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    drink prices

    When did $14 cocktails become the new norm in Toronto? I must've missed the lat 5 years because I remember $10 being a pretty good price but now everywhere I look, mid teens to high teens is the new bar. No pun intended.
  13. K

    Panasonic Lumix GX1 m4/3 camera with 20mm 1.7 lens $350

    $300 for the whole thing. Body is practically new, bought in October from B&H in NYC, lens is about 1 year old but rarely used as I have a 25mm instead. Comes with boxes, cable, charger and probably manuals for both. Will check. $350 is a pretty fair price considering the super condition...
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    Life On Other Planets Thread

    Ocean discovered on Enceladus may be best place to look for alien life | Science | The Guardian Do you believe we are the only existing form of life? Do you feel in our lifetime, our kids, or their kids, or ever, we will ever find other life on other planets? Will that life be what we...
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    prepare to pay more for your natural gas

    a while ago i owned a house that was heated by electrical. everyone said it would be too expensive to run. so i changed it to nat-gas. now, this. NEWSTALK 1010 - IN-DEPTH RADIO :: BREAKING: Enbridge asking to raise natural gas rates 40% :: News - Article although cfrb is alarmist in saying it...
  16. K

    business card printing question

    I am looking for a local printer that prints thicker stock custom business cards. Can you recommend someone that I can go visit first and see what they have available? Thx!
  17. K

    perfect point + shoot for your budget canon s95 $120

    comes with box manual cables charger and lowepro case an old one but a good one, 1/3rd the cost a new s110 (or whatever model it currently is) $120
  18. K

    trade my gtav for battlefield 4 ps3

    tired of killing marines and flying jets into buildings? want to rob poor convenience stores and kill cops? let's do it.
  19. K

    beach cruiser for sale $75

    down froM $200 due to the fact that it's shit weather and you can't ride it in this weather so you might think to yourself "man I can't wait til its nice outside again" and so it's like the lotto ticket; you pay for a dream, but my ticket is $75 and the prize is this: which...
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    ugg sundance 2 boots size 7 for sale $75

    worn 3x maybe don mills or woodbridge pick-up only thanks $75 kubatron @ gmail com