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  1. J

    Armless leather chair with storage

    Hi, I have this faux leather chair from the Debbie Travis line that I need to get rid of. The seat comes off and provides storage and you can fit a large blanket and a few pillows. It has barely been used and I have only had if for a few months. I had to move unexpectedly and now it won't...
  2. J

    Moving sale - Furniture, house stuff, electronics

    Moved in with the boyfriend and I have to unload some stuff I no longer need. Please see craiglist links below: Furniture: http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/fuo/1080186666.html Household items: http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/hsh/1080191950.html Electronics...
  3. J

    Getting out of a lease

    I was hoping someone on here can help me with this.. Last week during the blackout my place flooded after the pipes in my place froze. My stuff for the most part was ok, but all my floors had to be ripped out. I went back yeasterday to get some things and all my stuff had been crammed into...
  4. J

    Tile For Sale

    Hi, We are getting rid of some extra tile from some of our install jobs. Please see the link below for information. I can send you better pictures if needed. http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/mat/927269451.html
  5. J

    Zip car memberships

    Hi, Has anyone on this board signed up for this? Is it worth it? Are there always cars available? I am contemplating getting rid of my car, but I still need a car from time to time for work. Feed back?
  6. J

    Moving sale!!

    Please check out my ad on craiglist. Please email or pm me if you need info or pictures of any of the items. http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/tor/fuo/924236339.html Also, I will be posting clothing and shoes in the next few days.
  7. J

    Tricky employment pay question

    So I worked for this renovation company a while back. I sold a few large number of contracts like 8 months ago. I decided to quit not long after and I communicated with the owner when I quit that I thought it was fair to get paid the commission on these jobs once they had been paid in full. He...
  8. J

    Vacation Pay

    I need some help from HR people. I just worked a job for six months and I recently quit and I will be starting a new position next week. I haven't taken any vacation during this time. Should I still expect to get vacation pay on my last cheque? Someone told me you have to work at a place for...
  9. J

    Telus Phone 4 Sale

    Telus Phone for sale. - Samsung Sch-a870 - built in camera - speaker phone - charger - 6 months old $50 bucks Please PM me or email me at J_trerise@hotmail.com
  10. J

    Keg question?

    I am throwing a keg party next week. Will 20-30 people be able to get drunk off of one 50L keg or should I get two???
  11. J

    AUTOCAD Help!

    Hello, I am trying to get prints made from layout space on 11"x17". Is there any way to make the layout a jpg. or a PDF so I can send it to be printed? Anyone??
  12. J

    ~Stuff for sale~

    Just clearing out some stuff so I can reconfigure my apartment! Wood Futon: Wood frame with thick matress, good for students folds into bed, approx size 55"x72" Asking - $75 Ikea Coffee table: red ikea coffee table with sliding doors,good for dvd and magazine storage, 29" wide...
  13. J

    Backpacking excursions

    OK, so I need to take off in September for a vacay and the last thing I want to do is sit in an all inclusive resort. I get easily bored after 2 or 3 days. I was thinking of backpacking the Belize, Honduras and Costa Rica regions. I heard this is the rainy season and I am not sure if this is a...
  14. J

    Getting architectural prints in toronto

    Hey, I am looking for a place to get large format architecturial douments printed from CAD. Can anyone suggest a place other than Kinkos that does this? Any help would be most appreciated:) Jessica
  15. J

    LF - Interior Design - Summer position

    I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone on this board has any leads on possible summer positions/internships for an interior design student? I am entering my last year in September and I would love some experience with established designers or in a firm before I graduate. I...
  16. J

    Another cad question ?

    I have to take some architectural plans I did to the printers to be plotted on a large format printer. I did my drawings in Autocad 2006 and the print shop I am going to has 2004. I heard you need to save the drawings in a special setting to make it compatible with previous additions of Cad...
  17. J

    A quick question for U of T people

    Hey, Can any one tell me where the architectural library is located? Is it anywhere near the main library on campus? Thanks, jess:)
  18. J

    Failing your emissions test

    So I failed my emissions test and I'm wondering if any one can tell me the average cost for the repairs that go along with this?? I figure it is the catalyst converter that will have to be fixed, does anyone know the average cost to get this replaced? I drive a 2000 golf and I heard VWs are...
  19. J

    Happy B-day Decepticon (a.K.a Matt Dublin)

    Happy B-dayyy Sweetie!! I hope you are having a super day:) [
  20. J

    Congratulations Matt Dublin ~ 2004 Heinkein Champ!

    Congratulations Matt (aka decepticon) on taking the 2004 Heinkein title last night at System!! Matt will be ripping it up at Koolhaus tonight along with Danny Howells and Pete Tong!