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    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    i'm not one to post about my feelings online, but it feels somehow fitting that i say something on here. tribe is how i met kevin and sarah and so many others who i've remained friends with to this day. it was the relationships with some amazing people i met on this board that shaped the...
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    FS: Vestax VCI-100 - $400

    I'm selling my Vestax VCI-100. It's in mint condition with original packaging and Traktor 3 LE installation discs. I've barely used it. VCI-100 / Vestax Global site / Products / DJ Mixer Pickup near Spadina/Queen. Please contact me off the board: jmattchan <at> gmail.com Thanks, Matt
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    FS: Traktor Scratch Pro w/Audio 8 DJ - $275

    I'm selling my barely used Traktor Scratch Pro. I've all the original packaging, receipts, and will hand over the serial registration details to the purchaser. This includes: Traktor Scratch Pro Serial/Software Audio 8 DJ Interface 2 X Multicore Cables 1 X Control CD 2 X Control...
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    bell fibe tv picture quality?

    has anyone here signed up for bell's fibe tv? can anyone attest to the picture quality? we're thinking of getting cable again as it is offered in our building. the one thing that has held me back is the horrendous HD picture quality from rogers and bell express vu.
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    isolate sounds with photoshop

    we use another affordable plugin called Izotope RX to do the same thing when cleaning up dialogue. it is really amazing (when it works)! there was another plugin made by algoryhtymx which did the same thing but it was really expensive.
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    i really like this song. we just saw her in paris last week performing the new album.
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    Teenager Audio Test

    Jeff/Rob, apart from high-freq distortion, i always thought mp3 encoding throws out low-*level* information, not necessarily low-frequency information. does that correspond to what jeff is saying?
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    Conference Help

    yeah, assuming he knows nothing about setting this up, that is insane. it's not rocket science, but that's a lot of microphones feeding one output and you will need someone who knows what they are doing.
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    well hey, i would totally go see defazman's movie! i'm just saying: call it what it is.
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    i didn't read the other, longer thread. but i wonder what would have been made of this film if JCVD was removed from it. i felt his performance was earnest, but i think there is too much of a trend of casting actors in roles which are written for the actor. to the point that underneath lies a...
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    Going to San Fransisco.......things to do?

    wooo jeff!
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    Going to San Fransisco.......things to do?

    some memorable restaurants: taylor's refresher (awesome burger joint) yank sing (dim sum) slanted door (vietnamese/fusion) any mexican restaurant we tried the chowder on the wharf but i guess we went to the wrong place cuz it was pretty unremarkable. there are dozens of seafood stands there...
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    Blu-Ray Movies

    if anyone is considering it, do not buy Amelie on Blu Ray, unless you speak french. it is a french-only release with no english subtitles. also do not buy Gangs of New York, because it is a horrible film.
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    Home Theater Systems

    yeah it could be a calibration thing. or just something that doesn't translate to a home setup. dvd mixes, when they are afforded, are usually just a playthrough of the film at a lower reference level. overall level is rebalanced but i don't think they change the mix, spatially. but maybe...
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    FS: Etymotic HF2 Canal/Ear-phones for iPhone (with mic and button)

    yeah the button control works exactly the same as the one that comes with the iphone.
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    FS: Etymotic HF2 Canal/Ear-phones for iPhone (with mic and button)

    I got these for Christmas. They are brand new and there is a one year warranty on them. I'm selling them because I've decided to buy actual headphones instead. These are canal-phones so they have to fit tightly into your ear and they block out a lot of ambient sound. They have very good...
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    Lil Timmy is THIRTY

    happy birthday timmy! sorry, can't make it tonight. work calls... :( matt
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    Traktor + VCI-100?

    i actually have the pitch faders set to an extremely fine setting which is closer to that of an actual turntable. so when i'm mixing with vinyl or with tracks that can't sync, i get it close (by tapping or hitting sync) and then make adjustments using the pitch fader just as if it were vinyl...