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    Oddmyth - Cue 3 2013 - Devil's Advocate

    New quarter, new mix. I'm a bit late on the draw on this one but it's definitely a mix that takes me out of my comfort zone. Definitely techno with a lot more bite than I would usually bring to the table, head over to oddmyth.ca if you care to read some tidbits about the 5 w's of this mix...
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    Expectacle 008 with Oddmyth

    Hey all, I threw together this little 3 deck number for my friend Patriek's Expectacle podcast out of the Netherlands. https://soundcloud.com/expectacle/expectacle-podcast-8-with-odd Have a listen, hope you like it. If you are interested in reading a little bit more about this mix, you...
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    Oddmyth - Cue 2 2013 - The Warm Up DJ

    Hey folks, Second quarter mix finally down the pipe, cutting it bloody close on the last day of June and all, but here it is. Check it out, love some feedback and discussion as always. https://soundcloud.com/odd-myth/cue-2-2013-the-warmup-dj What I'm on about in the title is all written...
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    Oddmyth - Cue 1 2013 Techno mix

    Finally got this one finished and somewhat decently mastered. Hope you enjoy it. https://soundcloud.com/odd-myth/cue-1-2013 Tracklist Asbestos (Sleeparchive Remix) - Regis [Infrastructure] Hequon - Dark Sky [50 Weapons] La Terrible - Terrence Fixmer [Electric Deluxe] Binary...
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    Traktor DJ .. for iPad

    Very excited about this. Native Instruments ditches the decks for Traktor DJ iPad app | Music | guardian.co.uk ScjJiGYawuM
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    FS: Korg MicroKontrol MIDI Controller $120

    Lightly used Korg MicroKontrol MIDI Controller for sale. Unfortunately I can't find the box for this one right now. Great little controller 37 keys, 8 faders, 8 infinite rotaries and 16 trigger pads.
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    FS: Native Instruments Maschine MK1 $399

    Nearly mint condition NI Maschine MK1, still have the original box. Software includes Komplete Elements 8 and NI has recently thrown in Massive software synth. All software is deregistered and ready for sale. I'm located in Liberty Village, happy to answer any and all questions.
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    Looking for some of my old mixes.

    Hey all, I've gone through several hard drives looking for some of my older mixes, but I haven't had any luck finding them. If you have any of the below mixes please let me know and I'll gladly trade you for some new stuff I've been mixing over the last 10 years. Minimalis I Minimalis II...
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    Art Department - Without you #1 RA Track of '10

    Grats boys, Much deserved recognition. Keep bangin' em.
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    Skate 3 review - Early on.

    Skate 3 went retail yesterday. I spent most of the day pondering whether I would purchase the game on day 1. As a former Am skateboarder it is pretty much a foregone conclusion that I should have *some* skate game in my possession. I really wasn't feeling Ride whatsoever and I really loved...
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    LF: Junior Systems Administrator

    Soho VFX specializes in photorealistic visual effects for feature films and is based in Central/West Toronto. Our work can be seen in such films as XMen Origins: Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. We are currently looking for a...
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    Vista problems - Can joo help me?

    So .. I've been using Vista on my home machine for about 2 months now and I have a few problems that constantly persist. 1. The computer will not go to screen saver EVER. Despite modifying Screen Savers settings, despite testing to make sure the screen saver works. The only possible thing...
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    FS: Various Drum and Bass Records.

    47 in total, ranging from a bit of hard stuff, but mostly deeper stuff. Labels include: Narcotix, Cadence, 720, Hospital, Mo'Wax, Ram, Commercial Suicide, Nu-Direction, Dispatch, Expressions, Infrared, Good Lookin', Soul:R, Revolve:R, X-rated, Subtitles and more. $30 for the lot, Pickup...
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    FS: Various House/Techno/Electro/IDM

    Ranging from '97 to '04. Labels include: Mille Plateaux, Force Trax, Force Inc., Paper, Relief, Frictional, Chair, Electrixx, Loaded, Duplex, Swim, Metroplex, Crosstown Rebels, Strictly Rhythm, Stickmen, Soma, Compass, Mplant, Plug Research, Cajual, Raygun, Cynosure, Itiswhatitis, Minus, THX...
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    FS: Various Hard Techno 97-04

    Various Hard Techno from around the globe from approx '97 to '04. Labels include: Tresor, Prime (and anything Prime related), Triton, Question, Fragmented, Pure Plastic, Bush, Force, Dynamic Tension, Ideal, Downwards, Axis and a zillion others. Over 200 records, asking $100. Pickup only, I...
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    FS: Various German Minimal House/Techno Records

    Title says it all. German Minimal techno and house dating back to '97 and up to '04. Labels include Klang Elektronik, Profan, Auftrieb, Bpitch Control, Traum, Moon Harbour, Djungle Fever, i220, Playhouse, Shitkatapult, Background, Rising High, Multi, Trapez, Basic Channel, Chain Reaction...
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    Best Kimbap in Toronto?

    I really miss kimbap from my trip to Seoul, I love having it for breakfast and I feel so great after eating it. I've made it myself, I've tried to find good kimbap in Toronto, but I'm hoping Tribe can help me find some freshly made kimbap in Toronto. Anyone?
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    Happy Sysadmin Day !!

    That's right bitches, time to bow down and give thanks to those smarmy fucks who think they know soooooo much and well just happen to fix your broke-ass computers from time to time as well. Here at work I expect flowers, chocolates, slaps on the ass and a big fucking parade of my fellow...
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    20:20 Podcast presents MARK BROOM

    Woohah! Many probably know Mark as the bastion of tribal techno and he certainly has made that his hallmark. His latest releases have seen a slight return to form although nothing well ever touch his early productions and the 'Angie is a Shoplifter' album in my mind. Needless to say I'm very...
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    This weeks RA mix is ...

    NOZE LIVE FROM MUTEK'S PIKNIK! I am personally very excited to hear this one!