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    Free Passes: American Hustle - 7:30pm - Dec 11 - Yonge/Dundas

    Hi guys, I've got 3 extra passes to see 'American Hustle' tomorrow night, Wednesday December 11th 2013, 7:30pm at Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas, 10 Dundas Street East. Each pass admits 2. The film isn't released until next week. If you're interested, shoot me a PM and I'll be back here at...
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    I got a DnB feeling.... (holy fuck is this funny)

    7A4WmoVw6QU almost as funny as those Baptazia vids by Airloaf...
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    MOV to MPG?

    Hi, I need to turn a 'mov' file into a 'mpg' file. The only problem is.. I don't have the actual file, just a link to a url where the mov exists. I basically need to get the video into a youtube video and have no clue where to start. Can anyone make some suggestions? recommendations...
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    cutest in the animal kingdom

    Cutest in the animal kingdom some of these pictures are incredible... and adorable! Enjoy. there are 118 pics in total.
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    SpeedyJ - 2009 Edition

    Shekhinah came out of the speakers tonight... review tomorrow after I clean the jizz out of my shorts. Proper fucking beatdown.
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    looking for a good breakfast spot in the beaches...

    any recommendations? schpanks!
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    vacationing in Canada...

    so we're planning on taking a mini-vacation towards the end of the summer and we want to stay within Canada. We're not sure where we want to go exactly, but we're looking for a really relaxing, scenic environment. We need to unwind. Jasper or Banff for the hotsprings? Fundy Bay in New...
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    Asperatus - photos

    Asperatus clouds over Cedar Rapids in Iowa, US. Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society is working with the Royal Meteorological Society to get them officially designated as a new cloud type Photograph: Jane Wiggins No new cloud type has been officially classified...
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    4pm fri - avoid Queen St. W leaving the city...

    about 10 minutes ago... a BMW going east crossed the center line and side-swiped a big ass dumptruck. Glass n' bits everywhere and the east/west lanes are down to one lane each. traffic looks like it's already starting to backup. just a head's up. and the batteries in my camera are dead...
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    mold - detection & removal question

    I'm allergic to mold, amongst other things... and I've been having reactions to the air in the basement. I do not think that there would be anything down there aside from mold that would be causing these reactions. my landlord seems to think I'm just imagining this... and has made it clear...
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    barley flour: where are you?

    where on Queen/King west (west of Bathurst) do you suppose I could obtain said flour!? I went to a handful of spots yesterday and nobody seems to carry it. anyone?
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    free movie passes

    I have two passes for 'The Mysteries of Pittsburgh' which is playing on Thursday April 9th at 7pm at Varsity Theatre - 55 Bloor St.W. Each pass is good for two individuals... don't need either of 'em. First come, first serve. Just fire off a PM and I'll let you know how you can pick them up...
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    Witches Burnt in Africa - whoa

    ok.. wow... this vid is pretty graphic and nsfw http://www.inewsit.com/viewVideo.php?fileID=183 video will play once you click the link
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    www.penisland.net for those of you who need it.
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    exa-Q-shinaaahhhh HANDY SEAAAA! [/GQ]

    Thursday, March 26TH, 2009 Destiny & TorontoJungle.com present PROJEK:RAM featuring ANDY C (UK) - World's #1 Drum & Bass DJ! RED ONE (UK) MC GQ (UK) MYSTICAL INFLUENCE (USA) - Visiting for his first return Canadian set. MC JD MC TRAJADY ADVANCE TICKETS only $15 (While supplies...
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    just got a call from pops telling me my grandfather has had a brain aneurism, suffered massive bleeding and is now paralyzed on his left side. He's asked to be taken off of life support and they figure he'll be gone in less than 24 hours. I'm so fucking sad right now. Calling him to let him...
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    there is no pot of gold...

    here's a picture of an 'end' of a rainbow. No pot of gold.. no leprechauns... not even an albino squirrel! WEAK!
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    cancer... chemo...

    last year at the family Christmas dinner we were told that my father had prostate cancer. The next few months were absolute hell... watching my father go through some serious episodes of infections, more infections, late night trips in ambulances, watching my other family members coping with all...
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    what a fucking way to start a goddamn, motherfucking, cunty vacation. I swear to fuck! someone's getting fucking shanked!