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    The Dead Kennedys

    Lee's Palace tomorrow night. anyone going? i'm tempted.
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    sunnyside ? anything going on there this weekend?

    i've been searching the net in vain....help? no milk held event this weekend at the lake???
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    help with a recording

    have been asked to produce a disc of some of the music i do. i need help with the recording. shouldn't be much, maybe 3 tracks. anyone out there interested in either pointing me in the right direction for this or assisting? technics1200technics1200 this would be an ambient/world type of...
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    surrender, surrender...

    anyone going to see cheap trick at the sound academy next thursday (feb 4) ?
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    what is going? bay street south of wellington closed

    all kinds of cops and fire trucks now...what is the deal? annnnyone?
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    An old dog learning new tricks - Tips Please

    Well, the fees have been paid to take a couse that will hopefully get me on the road to getting official recognition in accounting. Also, this could lead to a CGA designation. (well, depending how this first step goes!) It has been a long assed while since i've been "learning", "studying"...
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    Office "Holiday" Parties

    Well, it is coming up to that time of year, when the people you work all year long with, gather for a party in December. The firm is holding it's Holiday Party at, get this, "This is London". Very strange location for a corporate event. Thinking of missing this one. Curious....Where...
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    Question about Common Law Arrangements

    Dear All Knowing Tribe, I have a question for a "friend" about what constitutes a Common Law arrangement under Ontario law? I have tried a google search and found absolutely nothing that answers time frame and other questions. There are some references if kids are involved. This is not...
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    shopping therapy...

    Do you actually find shopping helps? Is this just some crazy thing people make up? Share your stories.. I ask because for the first time in many years, i felt stressed out enough to think that shopping would help me to unwind. I can't say that i've ever done this before, this...
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    The Sweetest Thrill!

    What is the nicest thing that someone you have been dating ever did for you? What is the sweetest Thrill you have gotten? **** my guy stopped the car on a country road and picking the biggest, most wonderful bouquet of wild tiger lilies for me...it was a beautiful gesture and i was...
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    what's up on the east coast this summer?

    sunny d? anyone?
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    get your water wings on kids...!

    New York-sized ice shelf collapses off Antarctica Reuters Tuesday, 28 April 2009 An area of an Antarctic ice shelf almost the size of New York City has broken into icebergs this month after the collapse of an ice bridge widely blamed on global warming, a scientist said today...
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    LF: Didgeridoo

    Anyone have one gathering dust or know of a good supplier of authentic-ish didges? Have seen some but they are Indonesian, or made from plastic tubing. (which may be interesting) but ideally would like a painted up wooden one. thanks for any help/advisements.
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    Things you've put in a man...

    to have a bit of call and response with the guys thread going on...we must, right? technics1200;) home cooking
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    anyone go to this? wondered how it was.
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    Do you like bass?

    Then these are the earphones for you! Skull Candy's Skullcrusher in Black pinstripe. In the package, never been opened, brand spanking new. Purchased for over $80.00 ...will sell for $60.00 or best offer send pm or to chooch888(no spam pls)@hotmail.com :)
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    barter site.

    Not sure if you are like me and looking to get out of cash exchange and barter, but there is this site i came upon that is attempting to do just that, take stuff you have and trade it up.... anyway, thought i'd post a link. http://www.stopcrisis.net/
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    Yukon - any experiences?

    Specifically Whitehorse. Looking to make a move in the next 6 months and wondering about anyone here who may have experienced this location. Any advisements about living, working, social aspects? How did they find the weather? 24 hour summer sun, etc, etc. :D
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    reincarnation...what is next for you?

    If you could chose, what would you want to be in your "next" life. I'd want to be water or a redwood tree in a protected park.
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    creative contest - your best skullz.....and skillz!

    SPEAKEASY.BADASSJEWELLERY.COM is having a contest see the attachment and have a chance to have your stuff shown and to win a personalized piece of jewellery! www.badassjewellery.com http://speakeasy.badassjewellery.com/