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    FS: Vestax VCI-100 - $400

    I'm selling my Vestax VCI-100. It's in mint condition with original packaging and Traktor 3 LE installation discs. I've barely used it. VCI-100 / Vestax Global site / Products / DJ Mixer Pickup near Spadina/Queen. Please contact me off the board: jmattchan <at> gmail.com Thanks, Matt
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    FS: Traktor Scratch Pro w/Audio 8 DJ - $275

    I'm selling my barely used Traktor Scratch Pro. I've all the original packaging, receipts, and will hand over the serial registration details to the purchaser. This includes: Traktor Scratch Pro Serial/Software Audio 8 DJ Interface 2 X Multicore Cables 1 X Control CD 2 X Control...
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    bell fibe tv picture quality?

    has anyone here signed up for bell's fibe tv? can anyone attest to the picture quality? we're thinking of getting cable again as it is offered in our building. the one thing that has held me back is the horrendous HD picture quality from rogers and bell express vu.
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    FS: Etymotic HF2 Canal/Ear-phones for iPhone (with mic and button)

    I got these for Christmas. They are brand new and there is a one year warranty on them. I'm selling them because I've decided to buy actual headphones instead. These are canal-phones so they have to fit tightly into your ear and they block out a lot of ambient sound. They have very good...
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    FS: Ecler NUO4 Mixer

    I'm selling my Ecler NUO4 mixer. I have owned it for one year and it has barely been used. Most of the time it sat in its box after I moved. I paid just over 850 dollars for it and am looking for $670 since it is in mint condition. I have the original cables and packaging. Please note...
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    iphone plans announced

    http://prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/06-27-2008/0004840127&EDATE= these plans are ridiculous. there's no way i'm getting one now.
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    FS/FREE: BFG GeForce 7600, Corsair RAM 1GB, Internal DVD writer

    My Shuttle PC's power supply just went kaput and I'm not going to build another system: BFG GeForce 7600 GT OC 256 MB GDDR3 Graphics Card - Dual Link DVI, HDTV Out, SLI Ready, PCI-Express x16 $70 obo FREE STUFF: Pioneer DVR-111D Black DVD Writer DVD +/-R/RW 16X16X8X6 8XDVD+/- Dual...
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    anyone have speakerphone?

    i'm looking for a plugin for post that will simulate AM radio dial tuning for a film i might be working on. i want to be able to artefact/modulate the voice in this fashion. it has to sound legitimate. speakerphone looks like a good candidate but i can't find a demo. we're willing to pay...
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    wtb: milk crates or record crates?

    hey does anyone know of a place in toronto to buy some sort of stackable record storage system, like the old milk crates? i'm looking for something to store my records away in a cubby hole. not looking for flight cases. thanks in advance, matt
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    custom dj table

    i am potentially in the market for a custom dj table that will hide two turntables, a mixer, and maybe some other stuff. i have some specific requirements and was wondering if there's anyone still out there building them. i did a search on tribe but could only find one person in barrie who...
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    FS: MVIX Wireless HD Multimedia Centre

    I'm selling my wireless multimedia centre. It is in perfect condition and I've owned it for about 6 months. With this device, you can stream content (music, video, photos) wirelessly or over Ethernet from any computer in your house. There is also an internal drive that you can copy media to...
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    How to set up an HD OTA antenna to get free HD TV in Toronto

    i am looking to buy an antenna to receive hdtv over the air. i want to get all the buffalo stations. my understanding is that you need a pretty good one with gain to get those. can any recommend some specific models or places to go shopping for them in toronto? also, does anyone know - if...
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    question for engineers..

    it's been a long time but let me know if this is right... i'm trying to spec out an actuator for making a motorized sit-stand table. the leg has a force push rating of 800 N. that means that it can push up a load of approximately 80 kg? (80/9.81 or whatever...) thanks in advance.
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    2 Technics SL-1200 MK2

    *SELLING FOR A FRIEND. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME REGARDING THIS SALE* 2 Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntables with Stanton D6800EL Stylus' Pioneer DJM-300s Mixer (optional) custom wooden DJ stand with space for records underneath I'm moving out of the country and I must sell these before I leave! Asking...
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    FS: Roland Alpha Juno 2

    I am selling a Roland Alpha Juno 2, source of the infamous "Hoover" sound. It is in good condition with the following problems: - crack on top left corner - E Flat above middle C delayed sound after hitting key - very top key is busted Due to these problems, this keyboard may function...
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    phono preamp reccommendations

    i'm selling one of my tables and my mixer but am looking to buy a phono preamp for general listening. does anyone have any suggestions for something under $100? for that price, is there much of a range in quality?
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    FS: Pioneer DJM300 Mixer - Black

    This mixer is 4 years old but is in great condition. Pickup near Bloor/Bathurst. PM if interested. $200
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    FS: 1 Technics 1210MK2 Turntable - black

    I am selling one SL1210MK2 Turntable with a Stanton 605 needle and slipmat. It is about 6 years old but is in great condition and I have the original box and manual. Pickup near Bloor/Bathurst. Please PM if interested. $450
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    anyone checking out cob's bread in the annex?

    there is a new cob's bakery near spadina and bloor (i think it is a vancouver chain). i went in there but the choices are somewhat overwhelming and i can only eat so much bread. so here is a thread where people can provide reccommendations. yesterday i bought: a garlic cheese twisty...