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    I love the track Combination.. All the sounds in it are my favorits. its just so smooth. Santos is the man.
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    DJ Wood - Discosoul (woodnsoo.com)

    ps.. i wonder if Dj Wood has heard of/knows of Dj U-Tern ??
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    DIRTY DAVE :: BIG CHOONZ VOL.4 :: bassheavy.breakbeatz :: FREE MP3!

    Too many off-key long drawn out mixes...good beatmatching...but that's about it. :( ps..who sells un-licensed dj mixes these days. that was only cool when music wasn't easily accessible from the actual artist
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    DJ Wood - Discosoul (woodnsoo.com)

    lovin the italo boogie/gangsta disco ish.. :cool:
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    Track ID ...S'il vous plait

    I heard this song at Harvest Fest. unfortunately i can't remember who spun it as i was ..well..spun. i would like to know that too if possible.. This track was house, it was a male voice and the chorus was: "you make me feel so dirty" (repeated several times) There was also the line...
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    LF: Roomate, November 1 in London

    here's the deal... its 1 room inside the spacious top half of a 2 bedroom duplex. basically its $350 rent, and you'd be roommates with an easy going guy. it's a hop and skip (no jump required) to get to a bus stop to either go downtown or to Fanshawe college. we're located right by the...
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    Harvest Festival

    haha dope tune...unfortunately not the one i heard. this track was dark house, it was a male voice and the chorus was: you make me feel so dirty (repeated several times) there was also the line sittin in front of my computer screen she says she's 20 but i know she's 17 (er something...
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    Harvest Festival

    name the song.. "sittin in front of my computer screen.. ..something something.. you say your 20 but i know your 17.. something something and more something" was on the move most of the night but what i heard from the tech house tent was all amazing especially that song killed me...
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    big time breaks - Skank Honto - live @ Van Gogh's Ear (2hours)

    Dear Mr. Hank Skonto, Thanks always for the sweetest nectar which you bring us! Sincerely, Mark of the BGs
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    chus n ceballos in london

    how much $$ is it?
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    [indie/post-punk/pop] Chubbs - Punch and Pie

    It's always been good. More and more of it is making it into the mainstream is all that's changed. I dont know what "indie" rock you've been listening to...
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    Skank Honto - Get Down To This! (breaks)

    EYO...This is tha hottest isht I've heard in ages!! Straight Skankin'.
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    Breaks review of Decadence?

    Evil Nine As happy as it made me to hear 'Crooked' on that system, I really would have loved to see if they could mix it as flawlessly as in the weeks earlier Essential Mix on Radio 1. Their sound as expected was spectacular. Like an evolving tapestry, in it lurking subtle pieces of funk...
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    Breaks review of Decadence?

    the rest of my review.. I went into Atomic Hooligan's set with hopes of hearing mainly his own productions, some new and cutting edge sounds and just generally tracks that I have never heard before (later I got my fix with Evil 9 who had the set of the night in my opinion). I wasn't disapointed...
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    Breaks review of Decadence?

    Bassbin Twins set was sick. I was just trying to figure out how he was doing what he was doing. I had to look, looking didn't help my understanding much. Someone please explain - the laptop and the mixing board?? Seemed like he had control of the tempo, FX, as well as all the samples from all...
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    Breaks review of Decadence?

    ^ The bassbin twins guy was working the lights at the end not playing btb..
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    Heel and Toe (Freeland) - Evil Nine Mix

    uh yea..actualy they have very few good tunes so they have to spread it out somehow.
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    Nevermind I remembered now - Great partying with you Francisco. Talk to ya like Count Chocula
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    Yes! Who's this?