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    What to do in Boulder, Colorado?

    Hey Folks... I'm headin to boulder next week for work and going a day early so I can actually check the place out while i'm there... Anyone been there? any suggestions on some things to fill a day? i'm doing some searches but was looking for recommendations. Cheers, Dave
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    Thoughts on receivers?

    Hey guys... I'm in the market for a new receiver.. and had been considering the Harmon Kardon 247 or 347 (still researching these.. any comments?) and i've been reading a lot about the Onkyo receivers... mostly from sites in the states... Any comments on the brand.. and/or suggestions for...
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    WTB: Snowmobile

    If anyone is sellin.. i'm buyin... pm me with what you've got.. thanks :) Dave
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    Happy Birthday Kev/Finary!

    Hey :) Hard to believe you're 29!!.... ya still look like a young pup... sure, you can't stay out as late anymore.. and you don't party as hard as me...... but you do your best! Lookin forward to seein ya this friday bud... and next weekend (Friday?) when you ARE SPINNING AT THE PURPLE...
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    B-2 Stealth Bomber caught on google map

    B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber shown via google map http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Plant+42+in+Palmdale,+California&ll=34.637382,-118.082020&spn=0.003153,0.006177&t=k&hl=en I thought it was pretty decent... :)
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    FS: MPIO FY400 1Gig MP3 Player

    I've got this MPIO FY400 1 gig mp3 player that I've only had about 3months but I got an ipod for my birthday so no longer need. It's small and I found the built in (hideaway) USB adaptor to be quite handy! http://www.mpio.com/product/productview_fy400.html Built-in USB Plug A...
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    Happy Birthday Tracy/Dataladybug!

    So Trace turns the big 3-0 today... (ticktock,ticktock;) ) Happy Birthday Tracy!!!! :) Can't wait to hit up BlueManGroup this evenin with ya, babes!
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    ForSale: 2 tix for ModestMouse/Metric/BrokenSocialScene

    Heya, have 2 tickets available for this weekends Modest Mouse / Metric / Broken Social Scene show at olympic island. Tickets were $52.50 each plus the usual 9 or so bucks of ticketmaster service charges selling the tix for $50 each please pm or email at djmalglo @ yahoo.ca...
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    cheapest place to buy dvd's online?

    Suggestions for best shops as far as price.. and.. in canada... to buy DVD's online? Thx
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    FS: June TTC Metropass

    Heya's, I've got a TTC metropass for June for sale $90 (cheaper than they sell for right now i believe) I'm in the beaches... just east of woodbine on queen pm me.. or email at djmalglo @ yahoo.ca Cheers, Dave
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    Holmes on Homes

    who else is a fan? I tell ya.. this is turnin into one of my favourite shows on tv.... definately my favourite 'fixing up the house' type of show.. he's a good guy.. he explains everything as he's going along so its QUITE educational .. its local.. and he's really helpin some people out of...
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    Computer Stores in the beach?

    Heya's tryin to find a computer store in the beach that i can grab a wireless adaptor at.. i'm in the queen & hammersmith area (east of woodbine) Suggestions? toronto.com was not helpful Thanks!
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    >>starwars lineup cru<<

    Hey ya'll just curious who'll be in line at paramount tonight for the 12:01?? i'll be hoppin into the line late.. around 9.. got tix for theatre 1.. wooohoo!!! can't wait!
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    The Bravery tonight @ Opera House

    Just curious if anyone else will be there tonight so i can keep an eye out for ya's... anyone? anyone? bueller?
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    Jazzy Jeff @ Roxy?

    Couldn't make it but would love to hear how it went? what kinda stuff did he play??
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    Room For Rent: College & Montrose

    Heya's, Have a room available for June 1st in our house on Montrose, just a few houses north of College (between bathurst and ossington) Its the 2nd and third (loft space) floor of a nice house with the kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms on the 2nd floor and the loft as the cozy general...
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    Afterlife tonight? Dekoze... Jay...Addy.. etc?

    hey anyone goin to this tonight?? goes late.. free till midnight i think.. and 3.50 beers i heard??? might check it out later for the first time.... anyone? bueller? bueller?
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    Online Photo Album recommendations

    Hey... my dad is looking to start posting all the pics he takes online in event related albums to pass out to family to check out so he can stop emailing pics :) I know i use imagestation for myself personally but i don't know if that'd be ideal for him.. anyone have any...
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    hi mingster!

    hows it going???
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    Letterman working @ tacobell

    DAVE AT TACO BELL June 17, 1996 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LETTERMAN: You know what? I guess this is no secret that I do this every summer, and I don't know why. Well, I do know why, because it's fun, because it keeps me in touch with the...