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    Sounds good, thank you!

    Sounds good, thank you!
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    Interested for sure.. PM! Jay
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    My friend is selling some records this Saturday, August 26.

    Thanks Alex, I will keep an eye out for the next post. Jay
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    My friend is selling some records this Saturday, August 26.

    oooh! I just re-aquired some 1200's :) Any idea of the genre's available? Jay
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    Sennheiser HD 599 SE Special Edition

    Hey Tribe, headphones have never been taken out of original packaging or worn. I like the headphones I currently have so these are up for grabs at a great price. The box is missing, but they are still in the original plastic they way they were shipped with additional headphone connectors...
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    Recoil - Sound Test Volume 2 - hardcore jungle / darkside - 3 deck mix

    Just skimmed through it. This sound will always make me smile. :) Downloading. Jay
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    Would You Let Michael Jackson Blow You For $23 million?

    How do you know it's bedtime in Neverland? When the big hand touches the little hand. Jay
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    Nobody Cares...

    Could be an smb1.0 issue (disabled in win 10). Try this from an elevated command prompt (as administrator): Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName SMB1Protocol -Online
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    Do you dab?

    Yes I do, favorite dance by far! Jay
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    Torrent warning

    Hey tribe! Anyone have an invite to IPT or something comparable? Thanks, Jay
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    $500 Best Buy GC

    i5 or newer (no AMD) 8gig ram and decent size HD. No Acer or Compaq. It depends really, I seem to be picky about the keyboard feel / layout. If it runs good with Linux that is a bonus. Windows will only be used for Rekordbox. Jay
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    Hanging heat lamp (commercial / restaurant)

    Pulled from a working pizza station that has changed their layout and fixtures. Brushed metal look retractable cord track mount (you would need to buy a mount to supply power) $75 a pop with bulbs (I am sure most work, can verify before meet) 6 in total. PM Jay
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    $500 Best Buy GC

    $450 - Boxing day is coming up, savings on savings! Long story short, bought a car and this was given to me when I picked it up. Bought and returned a laptop and they put it back on a gf that I have no intentions on spending at the moment. Can meet at a best buy for the exchange if you...
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    Tunisia sentences British DJ for Muslim prayer remix

    Guy in the white shirt is not impressed. Jay
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    Inexpensive mixers that are MIDI (in) enabled?

    A little old, but tbh if its the midi you are looking for, its the only mixer in their product line that was ever any good IMO. Know a few peeps who still rock those. If there is no bleeding, I say go for it. Jay
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    HMV Canada to close all 102 stores

    DJ Dominique going to need a new job.
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    Warrant issued for mother of missing girl at centre of Amber Alert- MEDIA BS

    Always three sides to a story.... Jay
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    The best way to create .flac files

    Fixed. Jay
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    Happy Halloween from Freakin 2000 at the Better Living Center

    Dudes in the first pic could have used some better drugs. Clearly their costume was not an accurate representation of the fucked factor. Jay