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    banking question... very easy and quick.

    I have XXXX amount of dollars. I got and take -XX dollars. This means that it is bellow the amount that I have in my bank account balance but my bank will not allow me to withdraw money from my account saying that I have Insufficient FUNDS> yet.. I withrew a paper with all the...
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    Angel Moraes @ Boa Redux July/23/2005 (OMG)

    I had an amazing time yesterday at Boa. I got there really late though, I got there at 2:00 am and Sean Miller was getting things going really well. Not that many people in the crowd once I got there but things filled up pretty quickly at around two thirty. Sean Miller did a great job at...
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    Pretty good deal: Arsenal older kits for about 10 British Pounds.

    http://www.arsenal.com/index.asp 04/05 Home Shirt - 10080 Adults Price: £10.00 Description: Nike 2004/05 Home Shirt - 10080A (Adults) 100% polyester. Previously £39.00 now £10.00 yea.. so I have been hunting for good deals in shirts.. Everton is also have a sale but this...
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    Fao: those interested in playing soccer.

    Okay the other thread should die. :( new begining.. .. no I don't fight. would anyone like to have a game today? I am going to be at hart house or kings college circle @ U of T around 5 today. see you all there.
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    Max Graham @ System Soundbar

    July 22 - Max Graham @ System Soundbar $20.00 before 1 am $25.00 after. It will be a good set... I am definetly considering going to this show. Anyone else? I know it is far off.. but please people.. take a listen to his kissFM set and it see why I give this guy mad props! (insert...
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    Max Graham's Kiss FM mix.... 2005-06-19

    I am just going through it very quickly and yes.. it has some bad ass tunes. I will probably upload this one. Has anyone listened to it? To be quite honest, I am not a fan of old max graham's sound but if he is going to jump in the glitchy techno/techy progressive bangwagon that...
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    Carten Jost - You don't need a weatherman (remix)

    http://s42.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3SGW2TBWD9GYO20D3B1M0FPFTU Maybe it is because I have been listening to a lot of minimal and lsg stuff lately. I dunno but the way this particular track comes into play is great. I really like it. So I decided to upload it into yousenit.com and share it...
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    Confederation cup..

    http://www.worldwideticketing.com/confederation_cup.htm winners of each region of their own world.. they go at each other. Right now. I am watching the blissful of a game display put on by Brazil vs Greece. Greece are no match for Brazil. Holy cow! The line up for...
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    WYC. World Youth Cup. Under 20. Fifa. Anyone watching?

    Canada just got pumped by Colombia . 2-0 Australia about to take on Germany now. 2-2 the score on livescore.com I CAN'T believe syria is beating Italia!.. 1-0...wtf is going on?
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    Chris Fortier Kiss FM 2005_05_08.MP3

    Will upload this mix later one.. . Some of you might like it.. surely.. :) tracklising for the mix. :)
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    Tyler Stadious at Footwerk.

    well I came I saw I left. NIce place , neat beats (thanks for the beating kuba) and thanks for the beats Tyler. really good stuff he was throwing down but I had to leave Kuba and his e-fringe and I had to come home. Regardless more people need to come out for this club. Nice place...
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    Revisiting great progress house/ progressive tech/progressive anything.. albums.

    Today on my way out the house, early in the morning. I decided to take my cd player. Which is something I usually do not do, as I have a mini disk. Anywho... I randomly took Deep Dish's Yosiesque I. cd1 to this date.. is an amazing amazing amazing cd. wow. the use of vocals and how...
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    John Digweed KissFM_2005_05_15.mp3

    This set MUST be shared with all of you. I wanted to share the new Chris Fortier set and Jimmy Van Mallegham has done a new set for Kiss FM. But I will upload this wicked wicked set by John Digweed. If he plays like this this upcoming date at system. Roof will come off. I swear. The first...
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    Looking For: Cheap bike...

    I got a really crappy but durable bike stolen and I am looking for a new one. It doesn't have to be fancy. It just has to work well. Brakes, gears and be in decent condition. So Can anyone help me out here. thanks. PM for post offers. thanks.
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    Tom Middleton Essential mix.

    I really hope that certain dj's take note of this essential mix. It is actually pretty good. I don't really like the housey sound that much but this mix is quite good. I will upload this mix for you guys to download, as I promised. Watch this space. !
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    Richie Hawtin @ Kabin WED-JUNE 1ST (anyone ever been to Kabin?)

    RICHIE HAWTIN @ KABIN WED-JUNE 1ST $15 Before 11:00pm more after. 214 Adelaide St W. toronto 416-849-2883 Kick ass! This time really... it will be kick ass. Anyone ever been to this place?
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    Ian Guthire, The Dukes & Mario J. @ Mod Club.

    Okay quite honestly that was -personally- one of the worst nights of techno that I have ever been to. The night was just flat. The people were weird. Were where the young people? The techno fans? People were doing LIMBO in the middle of the dancefloor to the set of the DUKES??? :eek...
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    The best of L.S.G

    Do yourselves a favour. Go and buy (or download) this album. From a producing stand point of view. It is an incredible album. INCREDIBLE I am not a producer but I can tell the tracks are amazing. It starts off atmospheric ...the first cd that is..then it just picks up pace...
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    Midnight Madness 2-Kenny Glasgow & Mario J meet The Dukes @ Mod Club

    May 13 Midnight Madness 2-Kenny Glasgow & Mario J meet The Dukes @ Mod Club $10.00 @ Mod club. kick ass techno. I missed the last one but this one should be good.
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    Next Fabric Series!

    Next Fabric series.. Adam Beyer!!! :eek: out in may! yea boy! some kick ass techno stuff for sure. thoughts?