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  1. workdowntown

    Don Cherry fired

    Good riddance to him and his boomer xenophobe shite.
  2. workdowntown


    My word, some of the stupid arse right-winger takes in this thread :rolleyes: Brexit was always the stupidest fucking idea, promulgated and voted upon by the stupidest brits to have ever lived, in an act of cultural, political and economic suicide that was only ever designed to line the pockets...
  3. workdowntown

    Political Correctness running amuck....

    *chef kiss* The pièce de résistance of this dismal man's dismal career.
  4. workdowntown

    Political Correctness running amuck....

    Jordan Peterson sounding more and more like a Bush-era christofascist by the day.
  5. workdowntown

    What the hell are you listening to?

    Digging through older playlists I was recommended.
  6. workdowntown

    Van plows into pedestrians on Yonge & Finch

    From Matt Christman (Chapo Trap House):
  7. workdowntown

    Republican GOP

    That is so utterly fucked. Note none of the fucking 'free speech' chuds are leaping to defend the native people robbed of their right to speech by the actual government. Far more important that they defend a nazi guy with a dog, or yet another idiot who likes to yell at trans people.
  8. workdowntown

    The COPS are too much thread

    Cops and Klan...
  9. workdowntown

    Nobody Cares...

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, really really good trash TV show, if you're even slightly acquainted with Dorothy you are going to love this and almost all of your straight friends are going to react disappointingly/with a shrug to it, because it's not for them. Watch it, thank me later.
  10. workdowntown

    Political Correctness running amuck....

    Pity Jordan Peterson. Can a giant lobster analogy ever replace a sense of humour?
  11. workdowntown

    Nobody Cares...

    He's been banned since what, March? Still regularly signing in here, JamesM get some therapy and some outside time honestly dude.
  12. workdowntown

    Saudi Arabia

    EU overwhelmingly vote for Saudi arms sales embargo Devil is in the details as always, with this being a non-binding vote and all, but I guess it's a tiny step in the right direction.
  13. workdowntown

    Political Correctness running amuck....

    This is the bit that got me. Right there is the absolute biggest tell on themselves
  14. workdowntown

    Nobody Cares...

  15. workdowntown

    Nobody Cares...

    Happy thanksgiving Canada!
  16. workdowntown


    The Mr Rogers documentary "Won't You Be My Neighbor"(2018) is great. Well worth the watch, genuinely tear-inducing, hopeful and loving documenting of the life of an extraordinary human.
  17. workdowntown

    Trudeau is against the Canadian worker

    Liberal democracies are set up for this from the get-go. All parties in modern 2 party systems uphold the status quo in favour of the ruling classes, far more shamelessly so when labour movements/class-solidarity are as neutered as we see in the 21st century. A more than superficial shift in...