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    To do or not to do…Lesbians

    If a good lesbian friend of yours asks you to be her first male sexual partner, would you do it? Am I strange to feel a little weird that it might be “morally” wrong to do this? What do you think? Dave
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    Calgary - Anything Remotely Exciting Out There?

    There for 10 Weeks straight leaving Sunday on business. I reckon there's someone that could point me in the right direction. ps. I know about Cowboys already; that's all everyone has to tell me. Thanks ! Dave
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    Booty-Call Protocol

    What is the proper etiquette to move from courtship/dating/friendship into a more casual, less strings attached booty call relationship without: a) losing what you have right now b) ruining the courtship/dating/friendship c) embarrassment what's the protocol/best practices/proven...
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    At the spur of a moment I booked a trip to Manhattan. I have not been in NYC as an adult and have no clue as to the best spots, resturants, tours, etc. I turn to Tribe for help ! Dave
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    Aged Chems

    Remnants of party long long ago (3 years) remained a battered and much forgotten about blue butterfly and half-filled semi-permeable capsule housing memories of that night. Question, expired or not? Dave
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    Krispy Kreme Madness - Richmond Hill

    Anyone else see the madness this morning for the grand opening of Krispy Kreme in Richmond Hill? I counted 4 cops on the street at 7am.
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    The Artist Formerly Known as American

    Prince, a long time client of my aunts hair salon in Yorkville, has announced that he will be marrying a Torontonian this summer and will be residing in North Toronto with his Indian wife. Must be some catch to make someone like that re-locate. :)
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    Judge Jules - may 8th

    Never heard him live. nite of trance. I think I'll go.
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    Way Out west

    apparently Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff are doing an American tour this months and I wondering if anyone know if they will be stopping in Toronto. Next Thursday Thursday April 18, 2002 THE RETURN OF... WAY OUT WEST - World DJ Tour featuring NICK WARREN JODY WISTERNOFF $10...
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    Mark Oliver - Wired - Windsor

    This was probably the first time this year that I went to a party in this town. Obviously we in Windsor don't get alot of talent so having Oliver play here mad us happy. 5 buck cover; close to 200 people in Wired. Oliver played from 11pm till close ( 3:30am ). He played all trance; I was...
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    Pavel Bure Given Away

    Traded for 2 minor leaguers ( Ulanov and Novacek) and 3 draft picks to the Rangers. Florida receives no one to add to their current roster. Quite a steel in my books, no matter that he's got 10 million left on his contract.
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    CISA ( Cerified Info Sys Auditor) Examination

    Has anyone writen this exam or has any information or insightful hints to help me?? ISACA only offers this exam once a year, June 2002 and deadline for registration deadlines are approaching soon, so I really would like to get as much info on it as soon as I can. Thx in advance. Dave
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    Sasha, Digweed, Jimmy Van M - Chicago

    Left Windsor around 1pm. Arrived in Downtown Chicago around 5 local time (central) time zone, we gained an hour which turned out to be gold. The event was held at the Congress Theatre. Not knowing that there were two theatres bearing that name in the City, we had to high road it from the...
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    Hawtin-Acquaviva WIndsor Mar 23

    First off this was a tickets only affair so there was't a line up all night. Tickets went for 30 bucks and were sold out by Wednesday. They over sold the 800 capacity; it was packed. Richie had this whole event well thought out. The tickets were black embossed with the line "Do You Remember?"...
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    Glenn Underground & Boo williams

    I don't think I have had a better a time at a Garage/Deep House party like I did at Roxy Blue Boxing day. The live PA's and the bongo drummers really set the tone for the entire evening. Boo Williams started around 12:30 playing deep grooves then shifting into funky jazzy beats. Glenn...