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  1. djcheezwhiz

    How's everyone holding up?

    Dropped by to say hello. Good to read so many of you are keeping well. Looking back to the early years of the board took me through 9-11 and SARS. What a crazy time and I hope we all are able to find our way back to dance floors and concert venues sometime. Be well and thank you Alex for keeping...
  2. djcheezwhiz

    My place

  3. djcheezwhiz

    Farewell Kevin (R4V4G3D_SKU11S) :*-(

    Like so many, hearing the news today about Kevin's passing brought me back to the board. My thoughts and condolences are with his family and I can't even start to imagine how they are feeling. RIP Kevin. jc
  4. djcheezwhiz

    your first concert.

    Great show. If I remember correctly everyone kept chanting Happy Hour. Might have been 1990. A very cool first show (and a great album). Although my parents took me to Johnny Cash my first solo show with one of my best high school friends was Depeche Mode and OMD at the Ex. Bought tickets...
  5. djcheezwhiz

    Sad News

    RIP. Sad news and thoughts are with his entire family.
  6. djcheezwhiz

    CHCH Channel 11 Restructuring

    & Maple Leaf Wrestling...
  7. djcheezwhiz

    Best New Music 2015 edition

    Another year is disappearing quickly into the rearview mirror. Agree this has been a great year for music, in full length albums, singles and remixes. So much to choose from, and a few have been mentioned already: Grimes, Panda Bear, Jamie XX all put out albums that exceeded expectations...
  8. djcheezwhiz

    How many people still post here?

    So many great memories. Still check in to see what is happening. Miss system days and all the other assorted shenanigans. Life is good, but a rewind/replay button would be nice sometimes.
  9. djcheezwhiz

    new chemical brothers album and tour

    The Q-tip track is pretty catchy!!
  10. djcheezwhiz

    new leftfield album

    As James noted I can 't believe it has been 16 years. Fond memories of both albums and the impact they had on my music taste (and the Afrika Shox video is still imprinted in my mind today).
  11. djcheezwhiz

    Don Berns aka Dr Trance Rest in Peace

    Sad news indeed for the Toronto scene. An innovator, enabler and tremendously talented dj. His Saturday shows on 108 set us up for the weekend. You helped Toronto establish it's music identity and provided so many memories. Thank you and may your spirit live on in the generations you...
  12. djcheezwhiz

    RIP The Guvernment complex

    It's great reading this thread and the discussion over sound, people etc. It would have been great to have been part of the closing weekend, but the Guvernment really was not a regular place to go over the years. Fun memories - Sheppard Sunday nights - so much fun in my polka dot le...
  13. djcheezwhiz

    War against raves 2014 - Bizarre

    Thanks for sharing the article Praktik.
  14. djcheezwhiz

    Best New Music, 2014 edition

    Always look forward to the year end lists, and agree with so many of your thoughts. Not one of the better years for music, but some fantastic gems out there...At times, I have found myself leaning toward a little more harder edged stuff this year, but from top to bottom the War on Drugs album is...
  15. djcheezwhiz

    John Digweed - Live in Toronto

    Just read on the Bedrock board that the next "Live In" series release for Digweed will be from Toronto. Looks good and although 10 years ago i would have been in attendance for the Guv show, it's still nice to see Toronto getting a nod in this series... Cheers, jc CD 1 1. Miss Melera -...
  16. djcheezwhiz

    TIFF - if anyone on this board still goes

    Midnight Madness on Friday and Saturday along with a few other flicks including Riot Boys and Sound and Fury. Always a fun weekend in the city.
  17. djcheezwhiz

    RIP Kenny Quinn aka pr0nstar on TRIBE.

    I am just catching this news now. Had quite a few fun nights chatting with Kenny many years ago. Like so many of us, life takes you in different directions, but the conversations in person and online make you feel that some people never really leave. Some fond memories of the online drama...
  18. djcheezwhiz

    Interesting and strange downtowns...

    It's a shame about London - I had been travelling there for work over the past 4 years about once a week and I was always surprised how the downtown core felt so worn out. I enjoyed walking over to Grooves, but the tunnel that you have to walk through covering a main roadway is so pedestrian...
  19. djcheezwhiz

    When will tribe die?

    Well said Sam!! When I picked up the first issue of Tribe so many years ago I never realized how much it would impact my life -- from friendships to many, many musical memories. Life has changed since that first issue and post, but it is still great to come back from time to time. Thanks Alex!!
  20. djcheezwhiz

    Guvernment complex closing?!?!?!

    Finally made it back to see this thread. Like many, my memories of the Guvernment really started as RPM. All ages Sundays and many cool nights at the end of the 80's early 90's ( the buffet). One of my first memorable nights there was seeing the Prodigy for the Out of Space tour. Almost...