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    removing lead from drinking water

    i had our water tested when my son was born and we found higher than acceptable levels of lead coming out of our kitchen tap. since then (and before) i've only served brita-filtered water for drinking. i was just browsing their website this morning and found that they can no longer claim...
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    email etiquette: first name greetings

    my third-party logistics partner has just hired 2 new people to service our account. i will be working closely with these two and i just received my very first email from one of them this morning. it goes: "melanie: bla bla bla bla blaq bla bla bla bla thank you" obviously something...
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    dancing raver man: who was he?

    does anyone remember this one random dude who always used to get up on stage at raves and dance around like crazy? didn't matter who the promoter was, he just showed up on the stage and danced around. i seem to remember he always had a towel hanging from the butt of his pants. right now...
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    FS: 2004 Grand Am GT Coupe

    selling our 2004 Grand AM GT Coupe, 3.6 litre, Ram Air, fully upgraded. approx 193,000 kms. no accidents. good engine and transmission. the car is black with dark grey leather interior (in excellent condition) and dark grey dash. this car is great fun to drive. great for commuting, very...
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    FS: baker's rack - $20

    baker's rack (steel)
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    FS: shoes and dish sets

    black satin cocktail strappies. i love these pretty shoes, but they don't fit me anymore: black satin/lace cocktail shoes, nine west corelle hearthstone dinnerware: corelle dinnerware/dishes settings for 4 thanks for looking.
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    FS: cargo cover for Jeep Grand Cherokee

    good condition, charcoal in colour. $20. pick up only in St Clair/Lansdowne area.
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    window tinting

    hi boys of tribe, i had to get my driver side window replaced over the weekend, and consequently, the windows don't match cause the passenger window is still tinted. i'd like to remove the tinting. is there any way i can get easy instructions to do this myself, or do i need to call a...
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    aeria, nhn, magi-nation, IMVU, nexon & habbo

    just curious if anyone plays these games here? not sure if tribe fits into the target market, but i've seen them advertised, and my company just started distributing their prepaid cards. trying to get a feel for which are more popular than others.
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    project management courses

    i'm thinking about doing PM certification, and i've been looking at schools online, but all these private business schools really freak me out. can anyone provide some advice, or direction for doing PMP certification, or point me in the direction of a reputable place to look into? you're...
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    organ donation - legal form requirement

    i hope many of you are passionate about donating your organs to save another life. following an update on baby kaylee on this morning's news, and as a heads up, it was mentioned during the newscast that it is no longer legally sufficient to sign your donor card. you must now fill out a form...
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    the truth about iron

    i take time-released iron supplements on occasion when i feel lethargic for no explainable reason, and it makes me feel better. for the record, i get annual physicals, but i can't go to the doctor everytime i get tired. so i haven't "asked" my doctor if it's ok for me to take iron supplements...
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    am i allowed to be angry?

    it might partially be because i'm getting married in the summer, and i know not EVERYONE is trying to diet, but like 6 people at my office DID just join curves. anyways, one person brought in a huge box of mega-size chocolate bars for charity. then, another person brought in a massive creme...
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    so i'm going to curves with a few ladies from work for a tour and a one week free trial. i'm down with the program if it works, but i'm a little skeptical about the 30 minute workout and the lack of cardio involved. has anyone been to curves with good results? what was your experience?
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    i worry about my colleagues walking by and seeing offers for me to 'meet my lesbian match' in giant pink letters on my computer screen. not that there's anything wrong with that...
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    wedding photographers?

    hi, i am considering hiring a photography student to do my wedding pics. is this something that photography students do? is this interesting to them? any suggestions, or contacts for me to investigate? thanks much!
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    dear tribe

    got a stupid question? www.letmegooglethatforyou.com
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    turducken is back, and BACON than ever!

    http://bacontoday.com/turbaconducken-turducken-wrapped-in-bacon disgusting.
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    storing clothes in cold temperatures

    i have two big bins that i use to switch my summer clothes for my winter clothes and i'd like to put them in my shed for the winter. the clothes would stay dry, and i think they would be ok, but i'm a little worried about the elastic materials freezing and losing their elasticity, or some...
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    board games

    i'm thinking about investing in a board game for some cheap thrills this winter. does anyone play board games with friends? and if so, which ones? what do you recommend?