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    Sennheiser HD 599 SE Special Edition

    Hey Tribe, headphones have never been taken out of original packaging or worn. I like the headphones I currently have so these are up for grabs at a great price. The box is missing, but they are still in the original plastic they way they were shipped with additional headphone connectors...
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    Hanging heat lamp (commercial / restaurant)

    Pulled from a working pizza station that has changed their layout and fixtures. Brushed metal look retractable cord track mount (you would need to buy a mount to supply power) $75 a pop with bulbs (I am sure most work, can verify before meet) 6 in total. PM Jay
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    $500 Best Buy GC

    $450 - Boxing day is coming up, savings on savings! Long story short, bought a car and this was given to me when I picked it up. Bought and returned a laptop and they put it back on a gf that I have no intentions on spending at the moment. Can meet at a best buy for the exchange if you...
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    Ben Klock tonight

    Anyone going? Jay
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    Anyone have a Cisco login?

    I need a couple images for some 3500 Aironet access points. I could Google one, but I wouldn't trust it. What's in it for you? I will give you one of these bad boys. They are dual band wireless N with cleanair technology (will avoid interference). Currently they are lightweight but...
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    Dognzb open for registration

    They rarely open the registration.. DOGnzb Jay
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    LiveLeak is all kinds of awesome!

    How did I not know about this site? :) LiveLeak.com - Black Man vs ?? WTF Jay
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    Ask Dirty Girl

    Just how dirty are you? Please come back and answer this question. Thanks! Jay
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    Clean your box :) Jay
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    Spring cleaning (mostly) electronics

    Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AM3 Motherboard - no cpu or ram. $60 Sennheiser hd 25-1 II headphones - These show no signs of wear whatsoever, and have never seen a gig. Included is the extra (unused) ear pads, and box and bag. Wow, these have really come down in price, I paid $299+tax at L&M only 4...
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    FS: Pioneer DDJ SX + extras

    Pioneer DDJ SX - Bought first day it was released. unit is in great shape and works 100%. I still have the unused video license as well as the box. Will sell with a legit license for Traktor PRO II as well. Crane Stand Pro - No need to say anything here, these are the best IMO...
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    FS: Google Nexus S (Wind)

    Box, charger, TPU case, and I will even throw in a couple NFC tags. Phone shows little signs of wear.. A new battery was purchased in December that has had little use since because I got my Nexus 4 shortly after. Phone is WIND. $125 Jay
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    Rita MacNeil has died

    Rita MacNeil, Cape Breton’s first lady of song, dies at age 68 | Toronto Star Christmas will never be the same :( R I P Jay
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    Guv and Fly sold?

    Not that I really care too much, but still.. fuck you condos! With clubs disappearing, where will Toronto dance? | Toronto Star Jay
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    Yo.. how is the roads downtown?

    Should I drive (from Markham) or take transit? Jay
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    New DJ headphones - what to get?

    I am currently looking at the HD-25's, Pioneer 2000's or go with some IEM's such as the SE-535's. Regarding the SE-535's (or any IEM), do you have both in ear using split cue or both in ear and listen against booth monitors ? Does that even work? I like the idea of in ears, but I am still...
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    Track ID please

    Lyrics are (I think) "look to your left .. look to your right " with a weird voice. Can be heard at 38 min mark here. Sorry if it is an obvious one, I don't know a lot of house tunes. :) Jay
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    Prepping your tracks for Traktor / Serato / Rekordbox

    Previously I was using strictly Traktor and never thought much into this, but now I want to prep my tracks for all 3. My biggest question I guess is, where does cue points, beat grids, bpm etc all get stored? On your HD, what is actually stored in the "Serato" folder or the "Traktor"...
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    Anyone else pick up a Pioneer DDJ-Sx?

    Picked one up yesterday and finally got a chance to get it hooked up. Once I play with it more I will give you my thoughts. Anyone else grab one? Jay
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    Google Nexus 7 16GB w/ Blurex Smart Case.

    Been in a case since day one. Not a first gen model with screen lift problem. $230 with case. jay at one less hippy dot com Jay