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    A helping hand for KONY

    'Kony 2012' Honcho Jason Russell -- Detained for Allegedly Masturbating in Public [UPDATE] | TMZ.com
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    Romanian protests

    6th day... more people gathering in the same plaza where Communism was abolished. Lots of protests, hoping for the government to resign. Shit is getting pretty bad and pretty fast. Def planning to fly back home if shit gets worse. Opposition: More Romanian protests being planned -...
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    High-Perfornance shoes

    I worked out daily and my workouts are really intense. I am just finishing up Insanity and about to start Asylum and my shins are killing me. I have a flat foot (thank you to all the jazz dancing I have done all my life) and I figured I knew about shoes, but I was wrong. I hate shoes, I do...
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    Now that we found...umm death, what are we gonna do?

    Big news... Heavy D is dead - at 44. Heavy D -- Dead at 44 | TMZ.com
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    Gaddafi "killed"?

    I know there is a politics forum, but this is pretty big news. Muammar Gaddafi 'killed' in gun battle - Africa - Al Jazeera English Gaddafi captured and wounded: NTC official | Top News | Reuters
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    Motorola is the new Google

    Damn... that's some serious news! Official Google Blog: Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility BOOM! They buy Motorola for patents, so Apple can't stop OS over patents... guess RIM needs to sell to a big giant soon too (Microsoft?), otherwise, they are SOL... REAL soon.
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    The "Kill Rob Ford" Club

    I was going to post this in the "Politics forum" but it's worth if main page. There are two people that have been caught plotting to kill our inglorious mayor. Death threat made against Rob Ford - Canada - Canoe.ca Death threat against Rob Ford leads to charges - Canada - Canoe.ca
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    Facebook and strippers - together at last

    Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5 Hacktivist group Anonymous, which has been responsible for cyber-attacks on the Pentagon, News Corp, and others, has vowed to destroy Facebook on November 5th (which should ring a bell). Citing privacy concerns and the...
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    Slave Lake Fire

    I am not sure if there is a thread on this already... I didn't see it. And I can't believe there isn't one yet. The devastation of this town is incredible and I really feel for everyone. Gallery: Slave Lake fire It looks as though they now have it under control... but so much has been...
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    Fake and bake downtown locations

    Yes, I googled... but I really would like someone that I know that has been there and can recommend a good place. I need to get a "coat" on before I head to Vegas next weekend, otherwise I will burn to crisp, as right now I am quite see-through. I am around King/Portland/Spadina area.
  11. K


    So I got my dress... stunning, what can I say... :) however I need a seamstress to shorten the skirt since the length of my legs is much shorter and also take it to the sides since I lost some weight for the time I purchased it. Can someone recommend me a good seamstress in Toronto that...
  12. K

    White people: make money as a prostitute, or go to China

    I guess Chinese would have to be the ones to invent "white-collar" slavery, eh? For rent in China: White people Beijing, China (CNN) -- In China, white people can be rented. For a day, a weekend, a week, up to even a month or two, Chinese companies are willing to pay high prices for...
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    A taste of the sweet Honey

    @ FTW. FTW! Yes!
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    Derrick Carter @ FTW

    I guess the usual suspects will be out, right? See you on the dancefloor, it's been a while since I've been to FTW. :)
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    Hector Moralez Canada Day

    My God - I am STOCKED! I can't wait for this. :)
  16. K

    People love Eaton Centre - that much.

  17. K

    Marriage prep classes

    I am really interested in taking these classes (obviously not alone lol), but I really don't want anything that has any religion imprinted on it. I'm more interested in classes that provide an outlook about communication, understanding, etc etc - as I feel it's almost necessary to have this...
  18. K

    FS: 2 Avatar Tix - Tuesday Jan 12th 2010

    They are not IMAX experience, but they are the regular 3D ones. I bought them online and made a mistake, I meant to order IMAX. They are at the Yonge/Eglinton Cineplex Odeon for 6:30pm. PM me.
  19. K

    Laptop bags

    Hello people! I am looking to buy a laptop bag (GUCCI, Armani-imitation bags). I went to Pacific Mall and there is only one store that carries those and they only had one type of bag. Does anyone else know of other stores where I can find something like that? Thanks a million.
  20. K

    Just wanted to share...

    ... I am extremely happy to share that I finally got my real estate licence as of today. I know this thread isn't as exciting as the Google Street View thread, or Friday Sex Thread, but it's an accomplishment that I am very proud of and I figured it's worth mentioning, moreso than my other...