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    It's All Gone Pete Tong!

    Great movie! It is rare that I walk out of a movie saying "Ferry Corsten sounds really good." Without revealing anything, it is a painful/hilarious/heartwarming/headonistic good time. It does a nice visual representation of mixing too which is especially cool for people don't totally...
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    Poster People who are undemocratic suck ass

    My lady friend and I were walking home for a lovely night at Footwork as we watched a "Pat"ish looking girl using a tool to rip down posters advertising Freedom at the Guvernment. I chased her down and asked her why she needed to do that? I said put your poster up (She was flyering for...
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    Hooky @ Mod Club! R2NY

    I have not felt inspired to start a roll call in months if not years. Seeing a flyer for Hooky (aka Peter Hook of New Order) on May 6 at Mod Club has changed my mind. I will be a kid on the dancefloor again! I doubt I will be alone!
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    Supermarket tonight (april 8)?

    Does anybody know what is going down there tonight? All i have been told is that I have to go. If anybody has any info please email brian@2thebeat.com and I will love you for many seconds.
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    Activate @ Beba

    When I think of last night, all i can totally remember was just how amazing Sin City was and how badly I want to see it again. However, Beba was nicely bumping to the sounds of Hatiras when we walked in. It is nice to hear someone have such a large bredth of his own material to play...
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    Needed ASAP 3 Mixers

    We had a break in at the store last weekend and sadly our listening stations were taken. To have everything back to operational, we need to get 3 basic but working mixers as soon as possible. We are not looking for top of the line, we just need to pre-amp our decks so if you have one that is...
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    WANTED: A basic Mixer

    I need a mixer to pre-amp a turntable. It does not need to be even slightly fancy. In fact, all it needs to do is work and stay working for a few years. PM me or email brian@2thebeat.com
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    Nightmare (Chris Liberator and Jelo CORKED IT)

    Hands down the most fun I have ever had at a Nightmare event and the most packed I have ever seen the Sound Emporium/Klinik venue. Got there to see Jelo completely rocking the upstairs for the last hour of alcohol time. HEaded down to check out the always awesome Lou Cypher Project beat...
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    Activate Wednesday @ Element

    Short but sweet. Good crowd there early and plenty of liquids flowing. Cheers gang!
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    Aaron Neville Sighting!

    Aaron Neville came in to our store today. He did not buy anything or stay more than a minute...but lord knows I love his work with Linda Ronstadt (including their hit that went to #2 "Don't Know Much"...often in my head). Thank you Rolling Stones for making Aaron Neville comfortable enough...
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    Subtransit Stage at Queen/Spadina RIGHT NOW!

    Hey...Subtransit has walked up with decks and a soundsytem and are blasting the beats in front of the store. They are trying to raise some money for repairs caused by Teknival issues. Anyway...LOUD beats for free outside at Queen and Spadina right now until around 8:30. Rock
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    Blood Angeles by John Starlight

    It really is back in stock now...I would have put this in the other thread that is about the track...but it degenerated a wee bit. Anyway...it still awesome and I should be able to sort a bunch of people out. But my distro is nearly out of it so this might be the last bunch. Happy...