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    Super Shuffle... It's like an i Pod Shuffle?

    Well... So much for innovation :p LINK This Shuffle doesn't fall far from Apple tree It looks like an iPod Shuffle, and it acts like an iPod Shuffle, but don't expect to find it in an Apple Computer store any time soon. That's because it's the Super Shuffle, an iPod Shuffle...
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    Officials: Judge killed in courthouse shooting

    Officials: Judge killed in courthouse shooting http://www.cnn.com/2005/LAW/03/11/atlanta.shooting/index.html ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- A defendant stole a weapon from a deputy and shot and killed a judge at the Fulton County courthouse Friday morning, officials told CNN. TV reports said...
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    Gender bias in IKEA instructions?

    I knew it! :D Gender bias in IKEA instructions? Norway's prime minister says company should alter brochures that show only men assembling furniture. March 10, 2005: 6:51 AM EST http://money.cnn.com/2005/03/10/news/international/ikea.reut/index.htm?cnn=yes OSLO...
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    James Zabiela?

    So how was the little Wizards set?
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    Another marijuana bust=4 lives lost!!

    RCMP officers shot during raid on Alta. grow-op RCMP officers shot during raid on Alta. grow-op http://sympaticomsn.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1109878667829_105287867?hub=topstories There are reports from Mayerthorpe, Alberta that a gunman at a suspected drug...
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    Entheogen - Awakening the God Within

    Anyone seen this documentary yet? Apparently it screened at Sundance... trailer looks interesting. I'll be keeping an eye out for it. http://www.revolvemusic.com/Entheogen.mov Lots of love! Shawnna
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    Wedding guests eat victim...WTF!?

    Police: Wedding guests eat victim http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/asiapcf/08/10/philippines.cannibal.ap/index.html MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Four members of a family have been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly killing and eating a relative during a wedding reception -- and...
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    Lost Keys @ Cherry Beach on Sunday

    Did anyone find a set of keys @ the beach on Sunday? There are two apartment keys, one Medeco security key and one safety deposit box key on a keychain that's made out of a piece of old computer RAM. If any of you can help me avoid getting my safety deposit box drilled open I would be...
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    Perverts, Voyeurs & Peeping Toms: A short history of the Republican Party

    __ http://baltimorechronicle.com/052104Perverts.shtml COMMENTARY: Perverts, Voyeurs & Peeping Toms: A short history of the Republican Party by Jane Stillwater If Republicans want to crow about morality, we normal people might even consider...
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    Headphone advice?

    Hey all you djs!! I need a bit of advice please :D I'm looking at buying new headphones and would like to keep the price under $200. What's the best bang for the buck? Thanks! Shawna
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    I didn't hear a peep about this before hand :( Would've loved to see them live! Anyone go? Reviews? New noise, 34 years later Techno kings Kraftwerk rock Ricoh Coliseum Astonishing intersection of audio and video BEN RAYNER POP MUSIC CRITIC Pride isn't part of the robot vocabulary...
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    Luke Fair & James Zabiela

    Luke Fair & James Zabiela - May 7th @ System 14 sleeps and counting!! Who's with me???
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    Jen's Birthday @ Element this Friday

    Who's going? Warren and I will be out to help celebrate the day!!! Shawna
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    U.S. blames Canada for marijuana emergencies

    U.S. blames Canada for marijuana emergencies http://edition.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/americas/04/14/usa.canada.marijuana.reut/index.html MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- Canadian production of high-potency marijuana is partly to blame for a doubling of pot-related emergency room cases in the United...
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    Now THAT'S some fucked up shit!!!

    I usually read Savage Love on the way to work for my morning chuckle on Thursdays. This morning I laughed my ass off out loud the whole way there!! I thought I'd share with all of you! Here it is! :D Enjoy! As an avid reader of your column, I thought of you and only you for help with...
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    Thoughts from within

    This poem by Woody Harrelson is presented with audio and visuals on Voice Yourself's website. A very good friend of mine showed me last night and it took my breath away. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Best wishes! Shawna THOUGHTS FROM WITHIN I sometimes feel like an alien...
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    Save Counterspin!!!!

    I just got this email the other day and I still can't believe it! Who's with me? Let's start a petition to keep Counterspin alive!! Hi, You may have heard,_ counterSpin is not being renewed for the next season._ Below is a counterSpin statement on the situation. If you'd like to write...
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    Reviews please

    I just finished writing an article about carbohydrates. It makes perfect sense to me but I have a background in health and nutrition and I want to make sure that it is beneficial to those without such a background. Please let me know if anything requires further explanation. Thanks! Shawna...
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    Begging for HELP!! HELP PLEASE!!!

    I can't log out of Tribe. Every time I do it just automatically logs me back in as soon as I open the page. Man_slut really wants to post some stuff and he's gonna go mad if he can't!! I'm begging... please... help... I'd like to go to sleep sometime tonight;) Thank you! Thank You! Thank...
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    Conventional Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

    Or..... Western Medicine vs Eastern Medicine Seems like many threads are being taken over by this topic. Discuss.