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    What's this used for?

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    The human (and other intelligent beings) evolution thread

    Seems as though some may have some questions. Fire away.
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    R.I.P. Alexander Solzhenitysn

    Everyone pull out your copies of "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch", and re-read it, and if you ain't got one, you're an idiot. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5g7uXS7MTFKvEbN3l-ktIEqfUNsTw Hundreds mourn Russian writer Solzhenitsyn MOSCOW (AFP) — Russian Prime Minister...
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    This thing can add 2+2 really, really fast.

    I like the exaggerated "mimics human sight brain mechanisms"... stupid computer morons still think the brain is like a computer ;) World-record Supercomputer Mimics Human Sight Brain Mechanisms ScienceDaily (Jun. 13, 2008) — Less than a week after Los Alamos National Laboratory's...
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    Happy Birthday Charles Darwin!

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    Kidney failure? Just buy one!

    http://www.thestar.com/Article/300323 Why he bought a kidney Dying from organ failure can turn victims into buyers despite outrage over the selling of body parts February 05, 2008 Stuart Laidlaw Faith and Ethics Reporter Twenty years ago, Robert Zurrer was an active man in his...
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    Capitalism: a babysitting service for morons?

    Over time, I've come to the conclusion that--indeed--capitalism is a babysitting service for morons, or to shorten it: a moronsitting service. The conclusion is reached by noting: --inefficiency as a constant, with any attempts to make anything in a corporation more efficient met with...
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    Sleeping disorders in teens treated with melatonin...

    Looks like the world is catching up to my melatonin recommendations from, like, 10 years ago... Maybe that sleeping teenager isn't just lazy Treatable Disorder Tom Blackwell, National Post Published: Monday, December 17, 2007 Peter J. Thompson, National Post It is almost a rite...
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    Homos more likely to be premature ejaculators during hetero sex!

    A landmark study from the University of Chicago, soon to be published in Science, shows that homosexuals are premature ejaculators when having sexual intercourse with women. I suppose it shows that humans--when procreating--are much like other animals, insofar as getting it in, blowing a load...
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    Today's Theme: Psychological Facts

    1) There are none
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    Having emotionless things for dinner... what to serve?

    Hannibal Lecter, Pinochio, Data, Spock, and one of them dolls that you feed and then it poops (all growed up now) are coming over for dinner. What should I serve?
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    What's the male equivalent to a female's breastesses?

    I haven't much pondered the question, but have heard it asked... and as I try to think from different perspectives, it perplexes me, baffles my mind, and I just can't quite think of what about a man's body is somewhat equivalent to a woman's breastesses. Requirements: *bilateral symmetry...
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    Four Word Film Reviews

    http://www.fwfr.com/ e.g.: Titanic (1997): Icy dead people. Everything including kitchen sinks. etc. I laughed, cried, peed my pants. <--not a review.
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    Irrational Thought

    Now we all go through periods of irrational thinking (e.g.: belief in Santa Claus), but once we're all growed up, the forms of irrational thought take on significance and we think nothing of them. I'll go first: Not too long ago, I believed that everything equals nothing equals one. Nothing...
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    I am looking to mate.

    Requirement: fitness.
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    Good news everybody! Your genome is way different from even your clones'!

    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070903.wgenemap0903/BNStory/ This human's life, decoded The full human DNA sequence of one healthy middle-aged man is a boggling array of genetic quirks, burps and hiccups: There are seven billion more humans to go CAROLYN ABRAHAM...
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    How to Lose Control by Trying to Control

    1) classify a group as different 2) using idiot methods, note that they need control 3) try to control them 4) lose control of them 5) use a more "indirect" method 6) lose even more control 7) "see, they needed control since they are out of control" 8) keep up the control 9) lose more...
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    The Direct Thread.

    Here is the spot to speak it out, let it go, all of that. If you cannot see, you cannot see. Holding on to the past, the old program, is irrelevant. So stop, and let it out here. PLEASE.
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    Predicting the future of human species

    Prediction causes problems.
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    Chicken Eggs / Tamagochi / Cats / Dogs / Childrens

    In home economics waaaaaay back when, they used to get the womens (I guess they called them girls back then) to carry around an egg for a week to idiotically try to teach about how to take care of a child. It makes no sense whatsoever. A chicken egg has nothing to do with a human child. Then...