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    Bloody Valentine =---= D.D.R. $ Sarah Fab

    Talk about a good time! K-town peeps all over the place! Sweet choons by D.D.R. and all the rest! Great to hang with Christian (kool) and the gang again. Apart from earlier sound issues and decent night all around!
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    Hartec killed in K-town!

    wicked night, can't say much more... here's evidence http://www3.sympatico.ca/stephenbell/Pics/
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    Unabomber @ Frequency in Kitchener Jan. 24

    ooohhh can't wait... kamikaze last week, Hartec last night and you my friend this weekend coming!!!
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    some K-town club pic's

    if anyone is interested here are some pic's from last weekend with Kamikaze @ Frequency and Dizmoe at Purple Room http://www3.sympatico.ca/stephenbell/Pics/ Hartec this weekend!!!
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    Hartec @ Frequency in Kitchener Jan. 17th

    Who's goin, I'm going, you goin? here's some pic's from last week w/ Kamikaze http://www3.sympatico.ca/stephenbell/Pics/
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    Subsonic Chronic @ Frequency nightclub in Kitchener

    what a psy- blast!, Thanx again for coming down Pete... Helluva show!
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    Bryan G and MC Darrison (Blackmarket records)

    Holy krap I had a wicked night last night... met some new and quite interesting people and was lucky enough to be on the set-up end of the soundsystem and giving it a good working over before everyone got there! played a set upstairs which was not my usual self... equipment issues were...
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    Been a decent couple monthes I must say...

    Hey everyone! You may or may not know me but for those who do and for the rest who put alot in to things they enjoy whether it be artistic or recreational. I just wanted to reflect on a few things that I have accomplished in my little dj career that I love in the last few monthes...
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    Room mate needed in Waterloo

    Hey... I've got an excellent 2 bedroom pad in Waterloo and don't want to lose it. (local dj with equipment) $400 includes phone and net... don't mind the smoke. studiob2002@hotmail.com
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    Stephen Tremor mix airing Friday July 11th 10pm 89.5fm

    Bedroom Bedlam contest winner Stephen Tremor's mix will be airing Friday July 11th from 10pm till 11pm on 89.5fm right before Aphrodite! check it!!!
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    Vestax turntables and mixer for sale

    a friend of mine needs to unload his gear (told him he should have bought Technics but nooo) he's looking for about $1800 for the set stephentremor@rogers.com