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  1. workdowntown

    Van plows into pedestrians on Yonge & Finch

    Suspect in custody, about 10 people estimated to be injured. Up to 10 pedestrians struck by van near Yonge and Finch - CityNews Toronto
  2. workdowntown

    FS: 21 PS3 game bundle. Also Tritton Ax Pro 5.1 headset

    Looking to sell as a lot, not interested in splitting it up. $300 firm (that's less than $15 per game!) Also selling my mint-condition Tritton AX Pro 5.1 headset for $125, good for PS3/XBox360/PC. Willing to trade either the 21 game bundle, the headset or both for an item of...
  3. workdowntown

    Skyrim thread

    So who else is fucking itching for this game? What kind of characters are you guys gonna roll with et al?
  4. workdowntown

    How Toronto lost its groove...

    ...and why the rest of Canada should resist the temptation to cheer. via: The Walrus Long article but well worth the read.
  5. workdowntown

    Minecraft: wave goodbye to your spare time.

    Minecraft Anyone else playing this amazingly engaging Lego/Dwarf Fortress hybrid? Possibly the best $20 I've spent this year! Online modes, in-browse Some epic minecraft creations. The Starship Enterprise kn2-d5a3r94 Functioning circuits + Note blocks = Music composition...
  6. workdowntown

    FS: Nintendo Wii, Wii fit plus and lots more

    1 great-condition Softmodded Wii console + cables + Wii Sports Wii component cable (for better resolution) 2 WiiMotes 2 Classic controllers 1 Dual WiiMote charger 1 256mb SD Card (with softmod apps) 1 Wii Zapper + Links Crossbow Training 1 Wii Fit Board + Wii Fit Plus Two Wii Wheels...
  7. workdowntown

    South African Hip-Hop, Zef style.

    Zef Anyone else digging this stuff right now? I know Die Antwoord just played Toronto recently and honestly never thought Afrikaaners had it in them to have such decent flow but here is a taster of what I've been sampling recently (possibly old news to ya but ehh like I give a fuck :P)...
  8. workdowntown

    Your favourite stump speech ever.

  9. workdowntown

    Larry Flynt to Obama: GROW A PAIR!

    President Obama: You have proven to be a great campaigner. You have yet to demonstrate your ability to govern. Who needs the Republicans? They don’t know what compromise is. They’re just out to derail your presidency. Bitch slap ’em at every opportunity and put them in their place. They lost...
  10. workdowntown

    Terms that should, from now on, utterly invalidate an argument by their use in debate

    There are so many popularly tossed around buzz phrases in political debate, often casually slung where only reasoned analyses and actual critical thought should reside. They fill the debate with nothing but bile and require no thought for the person parroting the words of the tabloids they read...
  11. workdowntown

    Customising Tribe with skins.

    Do the following. 1. Be a firefox user. 2. Install Stylish 3. Install Tribe Dark You can customise any of the colours in the CSS so don't carp about my colour choices (as I knocked this together in the very early AM :P). Hope it's useful to some of you. After shot.
  12. workdowntown

    Free software/replacements for just about anything you need or use already.

    As you may or may not know, Scots are cheap bastards, (Scrooge McDuck and myself included). I often find that a commercially available software is prohibitively expensive and after a night of wiping my ass with diamond-encrusted $100 bills and swimming in my gigantic coin vault, I wake to find...
  13. workdowntown

    PC Self-build 101.

    So, I've been out of the self-build market for around 10 years and am thinking of building a nice new gaming rig but a lot has apparently changed and many of my go to sites for parts are either gone or they don't deliver to Canada. What sites do you guys use for parts? Also, any tips you have...
  14. workdowntown

    The latest attack ads from Harper and his party.

    A waste of taxpayers money? A real example of misplaced priorities given the state of the economy? Contemptuous, immoral, slanderous? or A reaction to liberal bias in the MSM? A genuine question over the national loyalties of Ignatieff? Moral, patriotic, truthful? What are your...
  15. workdowntown

    Soilent green is people.

    *pun groan* Anyway. Not sure how to feel about this... kinda "oh hey that's kinda cool" with a big dollop of "ewww" on top.
  16. workdowntown

    Vintage hawt man thread.

    As requested by my girlfriend. Fair's fair and all. In the time before heterosexual men shaved their chests, plucked their sack, back and crack and had their eyebrows shaped before shoehorning themselves into their jeans there was a certain type of man. This is a celebration of them...
  17. workdowntown

    Neo-Nazi millionaire and would-be terrorist killed by own wife

    I'm very surprised this is getting as little coverage as it has been. http://www.bangordailynews.com/detail/99263.html I wonder if it's because he doesn't fit the average American's idea of a terrorist? Is it simply because he's dead?
  18. workdowntown

    Growing up ghetto and the strange cravings that follow

    Every now and then, despite loving me some fancy food, organic ingredients, free-range everything and all that I find myself craving some unbelievably bad mangia cake/stoner food and drink that still hits the spot after all these years. My own personal weakspots Fried fishsticks on a...
  19. workdowntown

    Nicotine-coloured plastic goods collectors: your holy grail has arrived

    http://retr0bright.wikispaces.com/ This would have been great to have when I still had my collection of retro consoles, many of which had turned horrible shades of yellow or brown over the years.
  20. workdowntown

    Douchebag has ego CRUSHED by commenter

    http://arthurkade.com/?p=153#comments Comment by "a voice of reason". Totally priceless.