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    I am the thread ender!

    don't count it over as long as there's a net connection and motivation to be the final one
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    FS : Mint Xone 4D

    if i didnt already have one, I'd be all over this. the mixer is great and as a midi controller (with a computer) it's stellar. My only suggestion, if you use software to mix tracks, take the time and learn to use it before you sell it. It has a soundcard IN it! So you can hook it up to...
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    Selling x0xb0x and Quasimidi QM-309 grooveboxes

    did you ever sell the x0xbox? i'm interested
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    wordpress designer -seo expertise

    I build / dev wordpress templates. I would be able to help you out. Also, this is an open offer to other people who might need wordpress sites designed / built. If you have a template you like and want to modify, or want to create a new template, I would be able to build that up for ya...
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    I am the thread ender!

    ^^^ don't even know her...
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    I am the thread ender!

    siena miller
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    RUMOR: Is Steve Jobs Dying?

    Long live Krang and his incredible music device!
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    Remix by Lawrence Lessig (Book Review)

    only when it's been horribly remixed....
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    Remix by Lawrence Lessig (Book Review)

    Rajio likes coldplay....
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    Remix by Lawrence Lessig (Book Review)

    It's just a matter of finding ppl motivated enough to participate. Call them fans, remixers, or whatever... the only ppl that matter are the ones that find the content interesting and relevant to them at a personal level. I wrote a blog post on the topic...
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    Remix by Lawrence Lessig (Book Review)

    in the age of having 1000+ of songs on an iPod. ANYTHING that will inspire ppl to listen and pay attention is what it is going to take to stay relevant. K-OS has everything to lose by NOT giving his work away. Until there's a flat rate for music ownership.... the only option to have anyone...
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    Detroit club recommendations?

    Detroit doesn't have much going on.. was there a couple of weeks ago and unless you want to go to a sorta "rave" like event. It's not as busy nor nearly active as Toronto. Even Windsor isn't as hype as I've seen it in years gone by. I heard through the grape vine that Terence Parker has moved...
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    what not to do while using the urinal

    Now there's someone who needs to circumcise their anger.
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    Can't remember the movie but it was on IFC a couple of years ago. I watched a documentary about this guy who wanted to get shot at with a gun. Southern US guy with lots of tatoos who was into body modification... but wanted something that would REALLY make his different then his friends. So...
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    Almighty Tribe: Answer me this...

    tried to quit.. came back to it. hmm... same with tribe... go figure
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    Water On Mars!!

    now if only there were some tumblers.. a good Scotch.. and I'd have a reason to visit the planet.
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    Macon -the new bacon.

    looks like a really strange PR stunt for the the Mario / Donkey Kong franchise... could it be a new character in Smash Brothers?
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    Learning to sail & other nautical adventure in the 416?

    For those like me who are thinking of learning to sail and don't know what "white sail i, ii, iii" mean? Here's a link to all the levels of sailing accreditation. http://www.sailing.ca/training/lts/index.asp
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    where to get a motorcycle fixed/restored

    SV650s are great! that was my first bike... now I ride an SV1000. best idea ever.... makes even the shortest of trips fun.