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    Career Change

    I'm 31 and currently have a good paying job that's allowed me to travel to some places I've always wanted to go to. The problem is that this job is not my passion. It's something I fell into through my family and worked my way up in over the past 8 years because I am good at it. I don't want to...
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    Ewan Pearson

    Tonight at Stone Lounge! Who's in?
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    Whole Foods and Similar Stores

    I'm down here in the U.S. and recently visited a Whole Foods store. It was huge! Like a regular sized grocery store. The selection of stuff was seriously impressive. I haven't been to the Whole Foods in Yorkville but I hear it's not that big. Can you guys recommend some similar grocery...
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    Make Up Schools

    My wife (who isn't on Tribe) is interested in going to make up school here in Toronto. I wanted to ask the Tribe ladies (and guys) who have attended such schools about their experiences. Which are the good schools? What have your experiences been? Good and bad. How do you break in to the...
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    FS: MAC G5 Desktop

    $900 MAC G5 Desktop Near mint condition. Sporadic use only for music production (i.e. option to leave certain music production software installed). This thing is a workhorse and will last a long time. Located Downtown Toronto. Pick up preferred. Processor: Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 (pre...
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    5 Month Lease - Fully Furnished, All Inclusive King St. West Loft

    $1,500/month Available October 1, 2009 to March 1, 2010 Short term, 5 month lease only. Fully furnished, all inclusive downtown King St. West loft. Located in the heart of the trendy King West neighbourhood. King/Spadina area. Available to qualified renter only (references+deposit)...
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    Steve Mack - Fabricated Promo Mix (Summer 2009) [House/Tech House]

    Steve Mack - Fabricated Summer 2009 Promo Mix Tracklisting Recorded July 19, 2009 1) Ocean Gaya - Love Thing feat. Svene 2) Vincenzo - The Hangover 3) Jay Tripwire - Do Me This Way feat. Alexander East (Demension Mix) 4) Raul Carrasco, Javier Orlando - Thinking In The Night (Jimmy Fer...
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    Executive Rental Properties

    Has anyone had experiences with executive (corporate) rental properties in Toronto? I am looking to rent my place out short term, fully furnished and was wondering if there is a company that could help with that. It seems like these companies have their own properties so I wondered if they take...
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    Fire Alarms and the Fire Dept.

    This morning (starting at 4am) my condo had not one, not two, not three but four false fire alarms. The fire department ended up coming for three of the times! I felt really bad for them, not to mention quite pissed at the whole thing. The alarms went off almost on the hour which leads me to...
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    Steve Mack - 27th Anniversary Mix [Tech House/Progressive]

    I recorded a new mix. Hope you like it. Copy and paste the link into your browser. Feedback, positive or negative, is encouraged. http://www.sendspace.com/file/o1f25m Tracklisting: 1) Liapin - Redskin (Afrilounge's Lovely String Edit) 2) Aki Bergen - Afrikanism (Instrumental) 3) D Dub...
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    Deep house nights in T.O.?

    What would be some of the best promoters/club nights that support the deep house scene in Toronto? (Plastic City, West Coast, Buzz n' Fly kind of stuff) I'm a little tired of this "dirty jackin electro" sound that dominates alot of nights. I'd really like to go out and hear some sexy groovey...
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    FS: 2 tickets for the Raptors vs. Phoenix Suns

    Toronto Raptors vs. Phoenix Suns Sunday January 18th, 12:30pm Seats: 3 and 4, Section 121, Row 21 (Gold Section) Face Value: $185 each I'm willing to sell the pair $320 (obo) Steve Nash, Shaq, and Amare! PM me
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    LF: Technics 1200's

    I'm looking for a pair of Technics 1200 turntables. Don't really care about the model, just as long as they are in good condition. I am willing to throw in a pair of Gemini turntables with some cash in exchange for them.
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    Tips for sorting MP3 tracks

    As we become more and more digital and buy MP3 tracks I'm finding it alot harder to remember what tracks sound like based on the name alone. With Vinyl it was alot easier to remember a track based on the record sleeve, picture, colour etc. I've accumulated 20+ Gigs of tracks over the past...
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    Most amazing finish to an F1 Championship!

    Did anyone else catch the Brazilian GP today? I'm so glad I recorded it. Lewis Hamilton (UK) won the 2008 F1 Champion today in the most dramatic fashion ever! All Lewis needed was to finish in 5th place to clinch the F1 title. And for most of the race he was in good shape to win it cause he was...
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    2 Raptors Tickets for Sale - Home Opener Friday vs. Golden State

    Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors Friday October 31st Seats: 3 and 4, Section 121, Row 21 (Gold Section) Face Value: $185 each I'm willing to sell the pair $340 (obo) These are great seats!!! And the ACC will be on fire for the home opener. PM me
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    FS: Access Virus C Synthesizer

    - Award winning Synthesizer - A few years old - Analog sound, digital control - Amazing, big sounds! - Rarely used - Asking $1,900 More Info here http://www.access-music.de/products.php4?product=virusc
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    Experienced Tax Accountants/Managers

    The company I work for is hiring 2 positions. It's a rapidly growing firm. Really great people to work with. Paperless office. PM me for contact info. Position 1: Canadian and US Personal Tax Manager/Senior Manager Company description: Trowbridge Professional Corporation is a firm of...
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    [2008-2009] Toronto Raptors

    A new season. A new chapter in Raptors history with the addition of all star Jermaine O'Neal. I have to be honest I wasn't completely sold on the deal and Jermaine O'Neal as a person but after the way he handled himself in all the interviews and the press conference I am really excited about...
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    Newspaper Call Centre

    So about 2 years ago I subscribed to the Toronto Star. I canceled the subscription after a couple months. Ever since then I get at least one call a month from this fucking Newspaper Call Centre. Every time I tell them I will NEVER want another subscription and not to call me again. Yet they...