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    Gym Memby

    hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows anybody that lives in the beaches that might be interested in a gym memby at system fitness. I'm trying to get rid of it and i don't know anyone who lives in the area that might want to work out and all that! I'm switching gyms so i can start to...
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    System Fitness Gym Membership

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get rid of this gym contract that I never use. It's $51 a month at System Fitness at Queen and Kingston rd. (beaches) You can use it downtown I believe too if you live in the area. Please pm me if you are interested in this. Really great gym. It's less than a 9...
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    Second Date

    Im having a dilemma, this guy and I went out on a date it was great, and now he wants me to decide where we should go/do on our second date!!!!!!!!! I need help, any ideas? This city is too big for me to choose from!! :confused:
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    Candle Wax on the carpet

    My roomy got a little candle wax on the carpet. Does anyone know how i could remove it? I keep scraping it off and well it just is not working fast enough... :rolleyes:
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    Hey, does anyone know anything about the U of T bar, Madison, and it only having nights for those who are 21 and older?
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    Now i'm having a bit of a dilemma! I'm not sure if i should stay at u of t and continue my studies in philosophy or go to george brown or ryerson for marketing!!!!!!!! Anybody have any helpful suggestions? so lost right now! maybe on the programs?! I just wanna get a job in the end and i know...
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    Sander Kleinenberg

    I've been hearing that Sander is coming to Toronto for New Years? Does anyone else know of this information!?! It would be awesome if Sander came!!!!!
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    Ideas for a Compare and Contrast Essay

    I'm really stuck in the mud here. I have an essay due in a couple days and haven't even started it. I need a topic to compare and contrast and i cant even think of a stupid topic... Does anyone have any ideas?? :confused: