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    why bacon?

    why not?
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    1992 sentra for sale, $600

    so im getting a new toyota yaris -and i want to sell my sentra CHEAP. 1992 nissan sentra, certified, E tested. new brake line, fuel line, front wheel barrings, alternator and brakes. only problem is the gas tank has a seam leak so the tank needs to be replaced or fixed. its a great...
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    ***##The Picture Of A Picture! Thread! ##**omgomg

    here is a picture of a picture of my friend in the rain!! yes!
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    hey seahorse

    whats your deal?
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    elementary class photo day.

    do you remember that day? that day when you got three background options?: lazers blue or fake books. my mom chose the fake books, she though it was classy and made us look smart. meanwhile my brother and i were the dumbest fucks in the school. i dreaded those days...
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    ive had my share, of the crying game.

    this was one of those movies i kept meaning to see. and finally did, tonight. it was the beez neez. i thought you knew?
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    screw* cops, paramedics are teh hot!

    for serious!
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    christmas gift help! :where can i find one of those chanel purse knock offs

    this wonderful dear that i used to babysitt is all grown up and in highschool and she really wants a chanel purse for christmas...obviously i cant afford to get her a real one. so where can i get her a great 'quality' knock off that she can enjoy and possibly lose at some point?
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    tatoo cover jobs...can you reccomend a good place?

    hi i got a small flower tatoo on my shoulder when i was 18. its green and purple. i have decided i want it covered with a pic that i have of a white swan, its very nice. firstly i know white over purple and green will probably have some iffy-ness. secondly can anyone reccomend a...
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    panty peeling dreams.

    i had the hottest dream last night. i dreamt that jake gyllenhall and i were going at it. and he was the best lay ever! he took his sweet ass foreplay time and diddnt lay on me and practially crush me (which i hate). do share hot dreams will you?
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    where i can find a great purse?

    this girl at my school was carrying this purse and i wish i had asked her where she had gotten it. it was large and white canvas with a colourful pattern of birds (pheonix like) and gold details and gold harware on it. very trendy does anyone know where i can find a great purse like this?
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    getting cat pee out of a couch?

    i have a futon, how can i get the cat pee out of it? my cat recently peed on the couch twice! TWICE!! what can i do about this?
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    leaving your lease: another landlord question

    my school situation has changed, and if i am to continue my education, i have to be accomidating. problem is, i still have 5 months left of a one year lease. now when decided to take the place, i asked the landlord for a 6 month lease. he declined. so i told him that i cant take the...
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    bill nye the science guy: cnn correspondent

    now thats credible journalism! i was just watching cnn doing a story on the uprise in hurricanes, and their specialist correspondent: bill nye baby.
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    PEACHES concert, last night, drake hotel.

    soo i was right pissed that i paid 25 bucks for a ticket and only got to see her perform one song. the drake forced us to stay in different sections of the venue; we were not even permitted to use the bathrooms. you could not leave your section of the hotel, the idea was that peaches...
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    is peaches comming to toronto?

    i hear she is, but her site says nothing anyone anyone? beuller?
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    the beetlejuice cartoon is on channel 45!

    right ... now!
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    question for vegans

    ive always wondered.... are you guys allowed to swallow jizz? thank you sincerely, shortbus
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    phil collins vs. peter gabriel

    just cause i love to ask phil? or peter?
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    guinea pigs

    i have 2! one named leif erikkson, (oldest) and one named petunia however leif has the issue of biting my boyfriend and i are very gentle and sweet with her but for some reason she will chomp us out of nowhere sometimes any advice?