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    4gig dual channel or 6gig single channel?

    Currently my pc I have 4 gigs of ram (2x2) in dual channel. But I have an extra stick 2g stick laying around. Should I add in the extra stick and go single channel? Don't do much, only surf the web and watch videos. I'll occasionally play a pc game, not the latest graphic intense ones.
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    Weapon for Home Defense

    So car got broken into... and it got me thinking about if I caught the guy in the act, what the fuck would I even do, run out and try to stop the guy but with what? closest thing I have to a weapon (excluding knives) is a plastic broom. My room overlooks where the cars are parked, so I...
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    Capping Your Own Pills?

    Anybody know where to purchase one of those things that allow you to fill your own pills? I've only looked online/ebay and cannot find a Canadian source and would like to buy locally.
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    Splitting Audio Signal = weaker signal to devices?

    Yooo DAMN.... is this hurting the signal? Setup goes like this Soundcard to Piggyback cable, 1 set of L/R to speakers, other set of L/R to sub
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    FS: M-Audio Torq Connectiv

    Hello friends, I have for sale a used M-audio Torq Connectiv, comes with 4 additonal vinyls *2x clear & 2x red, has retail packaging, includes torq 1.5 I am asking for $150. I am situated in Toronto, come pick it up at Jones Ave & Gerrard St E. Pics can be found here. contact...