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    Gym Memby

    I believe working out produces endorphines... aka some happy hormones.. i believe you should try this, might help with any of your anger issues!! I'm here for you :) haha
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    Gym Memby

    hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone knows anybody that lives in the beaches that might be interested in a gym memby at system fitness. I'm trying to get rid of it and i don't know anyone who lives in the area that might want to work out and all that! I'm switching gyms so i can start to...
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    System Fitness Gym Membership

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get rid of this gym contract that I never use. It's $51 a month at System Fitness at Queen and Kingston rd. (beaches) You can use it downtown I believe too if you live in the area. Please pm me if you are interested in this. Really great gym. It's less than a 9...
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    Tool TONIGHT

    I loveee Tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so jealous you're going
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    In this thread you will recommend a good place to go in the Beaches area

    mmmm the rasberry danish is delicious... my family and i are friends with the owner and being a poor student i take all the freebees Try the tomato soup absolutely fantastic; nothign like it at all... or the schnitzel is good
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    In this thread you will recommend a good place to go in the Beaches area

    I don't think I've been anywhere else really. Konditor is good for a nice lunch.. and some yummy passssstries :)
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    Madonna's summer tour

    WORD: I love Madonna! I can't wait! I'm waiting........ if i miss those tickets.. I'm going to be so mad!
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    In this thread you will recommend a good place to go in the Beaches area

    I live in the beaches.. so nice in the summer.. right now it sucks...go to CiDiviamo for some evening drinks it's a nice restaurant, great setting, wicked in the summer though.
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    special ed @ footwork!

    Fillmore...........go nuts.. haha!
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    Nobody cares...

    I just got myself a cold play ticket.. yeeeee hawww.. great seats too!! SO frigggin happy
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    special ed @ footwork!

    aww so sweet!
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    special ed @ footwork!

    haha yeah right you did not just take 10 pictures... you held the camera below the belt and hit the button about a million times !!
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    special ed @ footwork!

    And I'm not that tall in that picture. He's holding me up .. . believe it or not lol
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    special ed @ footwork!

    WORD that is me... *Biggs*... last night was friggin awesome. I met a lot of new tribers and I had a lot of drinks! Good times for shiz... Fillmore has got some good pics heheh!
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    7 year old girl brings cocaine to school

    When I was over in Scotland last week I read up on the news that there was an 11 year old girl addicted to crack/heroin... how brutal is that.. and she was already in rehab.. and her mom gave her the crack
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    We might as well be strangers- Keane although depressing it's one of my favorites
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    playboy mansion OR girls gone wild guys mansion for halloween?

    Girls gone wild are cheap and not as classy as the playboys!
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    Second Date

    Leafs game, good idea, bubble bath, even better.. im doing them both! pahah:D
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    Second Date

    k its obvioulsy going to be dinner and drinks ! no science centre this time
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    Saying goodbye to someone you care about...

    some ex's are just stubborn, narrow minded ppl, who can't grow up about things, i say we just let it go and live life, give it some time, you'll be fine