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    What items to bring to Cuba for trade?

    I know the children can use school supplies... But is there anything I can bring that is of high value to them for which I could get something cool for?
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    Do not see this movie This is my warning to all Do not take this as..... now you should be curious kind of thing Be thankful that you have not tried to watch it and enjoy life I feel as though something bad happened to me tonight and I am still not fully recovered
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    Track ID please

    the chorus goes " lets take a holiday you know id love you better..."
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    Stage 1 ECU for 1998 Audi A4 1.8T

    for 98 A4's Engine code AEB Manual Adds some searious power to your A4 Its for the ECU with the chip instaled already Swap out your stock ECU and this new one when every you like and hold on http://www.goapr.com/Audi/products/ecu_upgrade_a418t.html $400 obo PM's are best or...
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    Calibre & Marcus Intalex

    Not sure why no one has posted this yet Personaly I am pumped Last time I saw they play together in TO it was the sexest jam I have ever been to Rich
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    Jun 16: Backbreakers 8 - Spence aka SLIM Sax Set @ O Lounge

    Anyone comming to Hamilton for this Its like 5 blocks away from my house!!! Its certainly not a big club but it is very classy http://www.nine05.net/index.php?topic=423.0
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    UFC - where to watch downtown?

    Comming in from Hamilton Looking for some recomendations on where to catch the Pay Pre View in Down Town TO
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    WTB 5.1 surround receiver/amp

    5.1 surround receiver/amp needed for my Home Theatre
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    Jungle NYE

    What are our options??? Destiny looks rather weak Die has been playing better recently, but still not too exciting and we have all had enough of the other headliner
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    Wait a second...

    Isn't it time for a Splinter Jam ALREADY!???
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    WTB: Ipod

    Something with atleast 8 gigs storage
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    I was so hung over

    I was so hung over I could not even go on Tribe and bitch about being hung over
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    Isn't it time for a Splinter Jam ALREADY!???

    I need Drums and BASS No more poofter pop jungle dance floor clown crap AMENS AMENS
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    Cream with your Coffee???

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    FS: Shimano mountain bike shoes

    SPD Shoes Model -SH-M081 Colour -Silver /Blue Size -45 Only used for a few rides $30 or best offer I'm in Hamilotn but I can drop them off in TO when I'm in town Reach me with a PM or ask me for email with a post
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    Simon Bassline Smith @ Hybrid

    Worst party I have been to in along time Club was nice, wouldn't mind if they had some other events there Security sucked though Marcus was doing well, lots of old goodies mashed up all new But When Simon went on the night went to shit He kept complaining that the sound was off and kept...
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    WTB: Streets and Lady Sov tickets

    Apprently they are sold out I'm in Hamilton and I'm not even sure where they were for sale But any help in getting me some tickets, even a single would be awesome! Thanks
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    Dylan and Hive @ Footwork

    Dylan and Hive pure BAD ASS!!! I have never heard such an aggressive set before, even from Dylan It was tottaly what I went there for that night and yet I was still throughly impresed And as for Melissa's Bday, I think we did it proper!
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    Can anyone gimme some links to some Grime site or hook me up with some sets and singles Just looking to get more into it
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    LF Car Stereo Amp for Subs

    Just something with the filters and some power