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    Gunman takes hostages in Sydney cafe

    Surprised it's not already posted but here it is: Sydney cafe siege: armed gunman continues to hold hostages Lobo
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    ID euro/dance tune from early 90s

    Hey tribe, trying to ID this song I have on one my old tapes. It's from the time when italo house got a bit popular as there's lots of piano and stuff. Hoping someone can figure out the name as Shazam and my Google-fu is not working well tonight. Thanks! Lobo
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    Happy World IPv6 Day

    I know that only some of the techies in here will know about this so here's a video explaining what's happening. Lobo <-- IPv6 user for over 2 years.
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    Ok we all know we've wanted to see how bad a nuclear detonation is to a city. Cross Google maps with some physics data and you get Nukemap! NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein Just tried downtown Toronto with the Tsar (100 mt) bomb and it would reach all the way up to Woodbridge with serious...
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    Transformers - Dark of the Moon

    Ok so there's no thread for this one so I'll start it up. Went to go watch the midnight showing in IMAX 3D so I've only got 3 hours of sleep so please forgive me if it's short. Overall I would say that I enjoyed it. Definitely better than #2. There's lots more robots and the special...
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    Help ID these 2 80s house megamixes

    Hey everyone, hoping someone might be able to help ID these two "megamixes" I posted on youtube from an old cassette tape I had lying around. Pretty sure these are from a 12" megamix and not some DJ/guy in his basement. Probably similar to megamixes like "The Mixmaster - Grand Piano"...
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    iPhone 3G 8GB for sale

    Hi everyone, I'm selling an iPhone 3G 8GB that's been recently jailbroken and unlocked (originally from Rogers). It's running the latest iOS (4.2.1) and has a baseband firmware of 05.13.04. If you don't prefer it jailbroken, I can reset it to factory default with the latest official iOS or...
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    Fall's 2010 TV Shows

    I don't think anyone's started a thread or continued the conversation from last year about Fall's new shows so here goes. What's everyone watching this season? I'm giving The Event, No Ordinary Family and Boardwalk Empire a shot. Surprisingly, I find that there's very little that's peeked...
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    Girl quits job on dry erase board...emails pics to entire office

    This is freaking hilarious and good on the girl for doing it. :) girl quits job on dry erase board exposes farmville boss called her hopa theCHIVE Lobo
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    Acer Revo 3610 vs current HTPC

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking of upgrading my existing HTPC so something a little more modern. I think it's probably showing its age and has a couple of little problems here and there but for the most part has been a great media server. The new server that I was thinking of purchasing was the...
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    Clubs to hit in San Jose / San Francisco?

    So I'm going to be in San Jose for a week (Sun - Sat) and was wondering if there are any clubs I can hit on Thu/Fri night? Either San Jose or San Francisco would be alright since SF would only be about a 40 minute drive away from where we'll be staying at. Thanks everyone. Lobo
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    Google DNS

    Google announced today the launch of their new "service" called Google Public DNS. Basically, you use Google's DNS instead of your ISPs with the theory that their servers are more capable of handling thousands upon thousands of simultaneous requests. Google introduces Google Public DNS...
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    Nintendo DS or DSi for 7 year old?

    So I'm thinking of getting my kid one of these for his birthday next month but I wasn't sure which one to get. His two other cousins have the DS and I believe they are hacked so that they can get and play all the games for free. The new DSi seems to be neat with the built in cam and stuff but...
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    I stuck it in the wrong hole

    Yeah yeah yeah it's not what you think but it's a video. Figured it belonged in it's own thread instead of the youtube one because a) it's funny and b) it's got Scott Baio! Couldn't find it by searching but timeline me just in case. Lobo P.S. Lyrics might not be SFW.
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    New penalties for impaired drivers

    In line with the rest of the drinking and driving talk in the Officially Banned thread, surprised no one has mentioned the new law that went into effect on May 1st. Now if you are caught with a blood alcohol level between 0.05 - 0.08, you get an automatic 3 day suspension as opposed to the...
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    Help explain why speed test sites are not always reliable

    Ok this one is going out to any of the techie guys out there who may work in an ISP environment. We've got a customer who is complaining about his throughput speeds with us but solely based off of testing with sites like speedtest.net and speakeasy.com. Our own testing with traffic generators...
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    FS: Harman Kardon AVR-130 receiver

    I'm upgrading to a Denon receiver so I no longer need the HK receiver. It's about 4 years old and has always been used in my home theater setup. It's a great receiver and has lots of features like Dolby Digital, DTS, Prologic I & II, and various surround sound modes. It's very loud and pumps out...
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    Google Street View coming to Canada

    Might belong in the Geek forum but thought everyone would like to know. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090325.wgoogle0325/BNStory/National/home Google gets ready to film Canada's streets Get ready for your close-up as search engine puts photos of big-city roads and...
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    Help me find a video that was posted on here

    Guys, need to find the thread that a link or the video itself of a black, hobo-looking like guy and this fat, black chick/hooker who are dancing to some funky music in front of some discoish lights. From dancing it turns into a full-on porno with both making lots of funny faces. Told my...
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    Recommend a HDTV tuner card for Vista

    Hey gang. I've wanted to play with OTA HDTV and I figured I might as well try it on my Vista Media Center box as my TV doesn't have a built in ATSC tuner. Are there any (cheap) HDTV PCI/PCI-e cards I could grab to try playing around with? I'm curious to see if the video quality is as good as...