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    airbag - animals - trip hop, melodic, turntablism

    My 5th Trip-Hop mix. A long time in the making. Description, track list and download link: Airbag - animals My previous mixes: Link
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    Free: Queen spring mattress

    ~7-8 years old. pickup asap @ king & spadina. email (don't pm) at alexfarberov at hotmail dot com.
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    Platform storage beds

    I'm looking for a platform storage bed. I found a couple that cost ~4G but they are not in my price range. The most suitable I found so far is the Bossa model from EQ3 for around 1G. Does anyone have any other leads for an affordable storage bed? They must be popular with the downtown...
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    Books and Music That Make You Dumb

    A 25y old PhD student from Caltech correlated students' facebook data on tastes in music and books to SAT results of the schools that these students listed. (books <--> colleges <--> avg. SAT scores) http://booksthatmakesyoudumb.virgil.gr/ http://musicthatmakeyoudumb.virgil.gr/ (may not work...
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    Indoor tennis locations in toronto

    Where can I reserve a court for a couple of hours without a membership? What is the price? What is the contact information? The oracle (google) failed me.
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    Stephen Hawking Accepts Teaching Position In Waterloo

    Renound world scientist Stephen Hawking has announced that he will be setting up a post in Canada. He has accepted a position as a research chair at Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute, which was founded by BlackBerry inventor Michael Lazaridis. Hawking will be gracing the city of Waterloo, located...
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    Trip Hop - airbag - river and rain

    Description: A very melodic blend of Downtempo, Trip-Hop and Minimal. Instructions: Play as background music on rainy days with a book in your hands. [DOWNLOAD] If you like this mix you might like some of [MY OTHER MIXES].
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    Sia - Opera House

    <3 Even though it is a Monday, 8pm start time should still allow a good night sleep before work the next day. [Sia last-fm samples]
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    Boxing Day deals

    List of boxing day deals updated as new deals are announced.
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    Top 50 Ubuntu apps for design & development

    [ CLICK ] 2D Graphic Design 3D Design System Tools Productivity Tools Web Design Image Viewers Audio Tools Programming Tools <-- wtf where is eclipse?
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    FS/Free: stereo, comp. chair, shoe racks

    Pioneer 3-CD Deck Receiver XR-A670 140Watt - $40 Computer Chair 2 IKEA shoe racks ----------------------- Pickup: King & Spadina (map)
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    Google's response to Facebook

    Maka Maka
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    haircut downtown

    What are good places for GUYS to get a cut downtown. What are their prices for a cut? Maybe Color? Highlights? Doubt any guy would be interested in 130$ cuts discussed here.
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    FREE TV Stand

    Got a new TV stand. Need to get rid of the old one ASAP. Pickup at King & Spadina.
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    LF: Junior/Intermediate C++ developer @ TD (Toronto)

    I'm looking for someone for a 1y+ contract position at TD Securities (TD Bank) as a C++ developer. A recent graduate from comp-sci at Waterloo or UofT with some good experience in C++ and design patterns would be ideal. Duties include doing some testing of simulation of financial derivatives...
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    help pick a condo layout

    I'm having the hardest time picking one of the two layouts that I had narrowed down my selection to. Please help! Both are in the same building and cost roughly the same. Construction has not started yet so i've made 3D models to try to visualize them better. A) Single floor unit 883sqft...
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    My setup at work is a desktop with a single nic connected to a corporate network. I am interested in connecting my laptop to the network but apparently network admins chase you down when they detect another machine or device connected to the network. I'm not sure how they detect whether the...
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    FREE: 9V cordless Drill

    Free used 9V Black & Decker cordless drill. Looks somewhat similar to this: Pickup at King & Spadina.
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    CPA / Tax managers / accountants

    I have incorporated my own consulting business. Now I am looking for an accountant who can help me with accounting, tax planning and submission issues. Could you guys recommend someone? What rates are reasonable?
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    IKEA coffee table

    25$ pickup downtown