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    2-1200s for sale and a vestax mixer.

    $1350.00 for everything
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    2-1200s for sale and a vestax mixer.

    All less then a year old. Mint Condition. will sell 2 technic 1200 MRK3d w/stanton trackmaster2 & Sony MDR-V700 headphones for $1100.00 Vestax pcv-275 - $400.00 will negotiate on all equipment. Getting married need $$$$ e-mail or PM me rezandreason@hotmail.com
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    closing down studio sale..4tables,2mixers,speakers,amp..etc..

    Closing down studio sale 2- technic 1200 mk5 (silver)- 1 year old 1- technic 1200 mk2 (black)- recently tuned 1- technic 1210 mk2 (black)- " " 1- vestax pvc 275 - 1 year old 1- vestac pmc 270 - mint cond 2- SONY MDR-V700 DJ Headphones 4- stanton trackmaster II SK -...
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    Just picked the steppin out remixes and i'm lovin the Hodges remix
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    Anyone heard the new Kaskade CD ...in the moment I just picked this up and there is a bunch of quality tracks. worth a listen....if you like vocals
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    East Coast Boogiemen

    Cover is $10 before 12am $15 after it is at Hush 457 Richmond St. W. We just finished setting up 6 tables and 2 cdj's hope you all enjoy.
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    Best producers of 2003

    East Coast Boogiemen----coming to T.O. soon Joshua Lance DeSardi-----also coming soon JT Donaldson Inland Knights Natural Rhythm Swirl Peepz J-rod & pat nice Jay-j jason hodges LCG
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    just curious re: LCG vs. ECB...

    check the event listings
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    just curious re: LCG vs. ECB...

    EAST COAST BOOGIEMEN you want em, you got em! very near future!
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    J-Dub on Friday

    Richmond one block west of Spadina 457 Richmond St. W
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    Andy and Lawrence - The Inland Knights

    Back in early 99 TO-KA project(andy riley,steve walker,jason cowley) played in toronto. I missed this party but a few of my friends went and said the music was amazing. favorite inland knight tune= grand theft audio
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    question for the house headz...

    with house i perfer long and layered mixes house on three decks can get messy. three is better for techno
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    check out this www.deephouse.com...

    Inland knights, Toka project-----you guys know your shit. know where I can find any Andrew Macari sets??????
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    attention all Vinyl Junkies

    I'm pretty sure the area code 808 is from Hawaii.
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    How to become a successful promoter! - By Tribe

    Don't be greedy. throw free parties. play good music. me and a group of 4 other djs started throwing free parties about 2 years ago. We don't pay for djs because we all dj. we don't pay for the venue because the venue gets all the bar. You just gotta search for a club owner willing to take...
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    Fav Indian Place???

    BOMBAY BHEL has the best indian food but it is allllllllllllllll the way at hwy 7 & leslie. I also like CURRY TWIST
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    Ski Trips - Banff or Vermont?? Suggestions

    I went to Vermont in January a couple of years ago and all it did was Rain. A waste of money and time. Banff is far better. Don't make the same mistake I did. peace
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    Mixer Repair

    I have a vestax mixer that needs to be fixed. anyone know of a good reliable place in the T.O. area
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    Farina's San Fran Sessions

    I've always liked farinas SEASONS cd the best. It may be a little old but the mixing is solid and the tracks are all nice and DEEP