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    Italy vs. Portugal... Good God NOOOO!!!!

    I invite you all to contribute; stock up on extra virgin olive oil and suckling pigs. Put your Brazil and Serie A Jerseys (Except Inter fans 'cause your team was too stupid to bribe a ref') on EBAY©, before it's TOO LATE!!!!! Do not attempt to buy a home or expect a previously...
  2. K

    Gerald Green Dunk

    Great fucking job Babcock ...... http://gorillamask.net/greendunk.shtml
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    Who is the first Black Man to Climb Mt. Everest?

    2005.... There has to be one at least...... Right? There has to be one person of African extraction who has felt comfortable enough to challenge themselves for this task? Can't be $...otherwise Oprah would have hosted a week of shows from K2 by now. Help me understand.
  4. K

    Trading Vince is only the start....

    First of all: Thank you Mr Carter. It could have just as easily be the Memphis Raptors you ungrateful Muthafuckas.... 'Zo wants nothing to do with Toronto. Not with the exchange rate for Canadian Kidneys being 80%, and at this point Jalen Rose has become the real life equivalent of the...
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    Euro 2004 aka The Portugese Flex

    I'm very exicted. Work could be a problem though.
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    Backroom System 05/07/04 aka Kangol Flex

    crazy night... Learned 2 valuable lessons. Never, ever......underestimate: 1) The Dj's that play the Breaks. 2) A girl that loves the Breaks.
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    The King of Sports

    I haven't been on Tribe for a while....lo and behold there it is: THE SPORTS FORUM I was panned, ridiculed, dismissed and all the threads me and my fellow Sports Hooligans began in the Hardcore room were deleted...
  8. K

    Is Lucy Lytes the LBJ of Breaks?

    After listening to her CD "Delayed Reaction" and seeing her scorching Debut in the Backroom at System (aka The Mecca of Breaks)...I'm here to give props. She's not the finished article yet...but she knows her stuff, has put in the work, and loves The Breaks as much as anyone. Oh......did...
  9. K

    FOCUS - Old School Breaks Jam 12/26/03

    This was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable nights I've had in some time.... Funk 'N Style, Dave Saddler and the Godfather D-Monic tore the roof off the muthfucka. Thank you.
  10. K

    What happened? I've be bamboozled like an 18 yr old wanna be starlet in LA.

    I can understand that the Provincial Liberals have to deal with this deficit but there's no way they didn't know it was comming. A competent accountant with PUBLICALLY available provincial financial statements could have figured it out in about a week with a fucking abacus. I want a...
  11. K

    What exactly is "Breaking the Sound Barrier".....

    It's the third in a series of continuous mixes by BLC and Dave Saddler. Lucky is a relative term isn’t it? So is hype, as is quality. So let me put it this way: I feel lucky to have an advance copy of “Breaking the Sound Barrier” in my hands, I’ll stake my hard earned reputation on hyping it...
  12. K

    Back room at System Friday September 5, 2003

    The night started with a dangerously funky set from the one like Dj Kevin. I'm not sure if he's acquired a stage name yet but the boy came to play. Well done mate. Tonight I realized how hard it is for 2 Dj’s to play back to back. You would think that a couple of vinyl thugs like Chu &...
  13. K

    D-monic-"Breaktech"... an old(ish) school flex

    Having just downloaded the Carl cox- Phuture 2000 (hybrid mix), I just wanted to give props to one of my favourite mix tape selections..... kicks the living shit outta any "dark" breaks being played today. Lead on Danny Boy, they don't call you "The Don of the mix tape selection" for...
  14. K

    I'm tired of the whole "Mideast Problem"

    Having watched a strip of land on the Mediterranean sea cause so much loss of life. Destroy the hopes and dream of so many people. Take up untold pages/airtime in the media. I have come to a startling conclusion: I could care less...... for the following reasons. 1) If the collective...
  15. K

    New Ideas for de-regulation.

    My candidate: The Police. We have a criminal justice code and a standadised test for Officers. What the problem with privatizing it's enforcement?
  16. K

    The History of OUR Breaks.....

    I'm in a particularly introspective and verbose mode today so let me bring this: I want everyone to contribute a small piece on a particular period or style of music that you feel has shaped the breakbeat sound we have today. This is really a follow on from the "what Hyped the Breaks for...
  17. K

    Fantasy NFL League
  18. K

    Fantasy NFL league....

    Ladies and gentlemen: I've started a Yahoo NFL league and am looking for some competition (I know it sounds silly when I say it like that). If you: a) Know the NFL b) Enjoy fantasy sports c) Are a Type A personality with an insatiable desire to crush all opponents mercilessly...
  19. K

    Gang Starr is back.....

    "Yo, I don't even wanna fight with you man I'll lay you right where you stand You can catch a few shells One go right through your polo, man Usually I'm dolo and I gotta crazy team Car kissed the ride on you, watch for the laserbeam Shit, it's that Ol' G Flavor Remind you of a quarter...
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    We have a sports Forum.......Sort of.

    Well Ladies and gents the Hardcore forum has been "Borrowed" to give all the sports fans on TRIBE a chnace to get their Voices heard. I'm delighted by the response so far but we're not really gonna get our own forum without some representation. So...if you have anything to say that's...