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    Egyptian Lover at Wrongbar - Mar.9

    Who's in? Last time was awesome! Turntable tricks, live 808 fuckery, "choreographed" dancing, rappin' and the Hype-Man stylings of the be-sequined shirted Jaimie Jupitor made for a memorable night. 8-0-MUTHAFUCKIN' 8! Egyptian Lover feat. Jamie Jupiter @X-Rust presents: Factory Trax...
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    Recommend me an illustrator for a political cartoon!

    Hi Tribe Massive! I'm working on a deadline and I'd like to include a political, editorial style cartoon with an article I'm writing on the LCBO's pricing practices. Might you, or someone you know, be interested in penning/drawing a cartoon for me? I'm hoping to have it done in the style...
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    Recommendations for an at-home chin-up/pull-up bar?

    Hi all! I do pull-ups and chin-ups at the gym but I'd like to have one mounted in a doorway at home so I can augment my training. I'm looking for a bar that can be used for both chin-ups and pull-ups. Sometimes they have different grips or configurations... Curious to know if anyone...
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    Dj Assault!

    The booty bass legend's back in Toronto in an intimate venue on Jan 28th! Who's in!?
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    Mutek 2010

    I'm finally making the trip this year for the wknd portion and I'm bringing a bachelor party with me.... Who do you like? Do I really need to buy advance tix to the outdoor Piknik events? Do I really need to buy advance tix to the late night events? What else is going on in clubland...
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    Better Ballots' campaign for Toronto municipal electoral reform

    Hey Politics forum I just discovered Better Ballots it's an initiative lead by Dave Meslin (Spacing.ca) to start a conversation about how we elect our local representatives and what can be done to improve diversity, voter turnout, and citizen engagement. There's a volunteer meeting tonight in...
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    gl.tch - Starlight Boogie (Vintage Italo, Nu-Disco, Electrofunk)

    Last weekend I recorded a new dj mix devoted to showcasing some choice cuts of Italo, Nu-Disco and Electrofunk. I enjoy digging through the history of electronic music and I’m happy I had the time to put this together. This set was fun and somewhat challenging to make as the older tracks...
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    Health Canada Survey on the future of Cosmetic Regulations

    I was forwarded this link to the Health Canada survey via the Toxic Nation Newsletter I subscribe to along with this primer Q+A Ladies, I'm sure you know more about this than I do - have your say!
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    gl.tch, Kris Hernandez & Flex Rock - Live on CKLN, Nov.29/09

    After nearly a year-long hiatus, my radio show “In My Room” is back on the airwaves at CKLN 88.1FM in Toronto. Regardless of all the drama that went on at the station over the past two years, I’m still happy to part of the campus-community radio station and I look forward to resuming my monthly...
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    gl.tch - Technoir Vol.1 (techy, aggro, creepy, horrorshow)

    I was debating whether or not to make a Halloween mix this year and – I nearly didn’t thanks to some nightmarish plumbing issues at home – I decided to present a sampling, a collection if you will, of eerie electronic dance music that could be played as a set, or serve as a reference tool for...
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    LOOSE: Revenge of the NERDS

    So stoked! It's my bday and I think I'm gonna dress up as either a Jock or a Prep... Who's in for a DORKFEST @ Voglie?! :D ch33se
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    gl.tch - Let's Talk Techno (Thumping, Pumping, Driving, Techno Music)

    Aside from the fact that it’s about damn time I made a Techno mix, I made this mix as a sort of a tool to play for people who had negative impressions about Techno. I wanted to show them, that with a sense of humour and a willingness to experiment, Techno is a lot of fun to dance to and play...
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    Decadence 6!

    The apotheosis of nu-rave "electro" trash at guvvy tonight....Afterwards, it'll be mainstream and will all fall apart. Who's in!?
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    Void Presents…Lost Frequencies - Return to the D @ Yauca

    Just got back from a full-on Techno assault hosted by Void at Yauca Sports Bar - a heretofore unheard of little spot on Dundas W. The boys, Rouchos and WestsideWax, rented a Dynacord system for the night and the place was pumpin! I’ve heard Dynacord in action at larger venues but this was the...
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    Cari Lekebusch @ Footwork

    I think I'm interested in this - tho I should really check out what he's been playing lately lest it be a minimal snooze fest. anyone know if there's advance tix to this?
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    Video DJ software?!

    Does it exist? Have you used it? Any recommendations? It's been a while since I've seen a "vj", notwithstanding the Coldcut Pioneer DVDJ beatdown at the Opera House a while back, and I'm curious to know how/if the technology has progressed. Thoughts?
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    BM3 - Nov.22

    Call of BOOOOOOOTY! At the hostel, Y'all know the name!
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    Newcleus - Nov.22

    Jam-on! Who's in!?
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    Essential Halloween Songs

    It's almost Halloween and I'm sure you're probably busy planning for your parties and trying to decide what your costume(s) will be this year... so to help you out, gentle reader, I've come up with an eclectic list of songs to invoke the spirit of Halloween and provide a few more choices for...
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    Using an Echo Indigo DJ Card w/ Ableton?

    I'm totally stumped on this. I've installed an Echo Indigo Dj card for use w/ Ableton and cannot get any volume out of the 1/2 stereo channel. I've installed the newest driver from the website. and followed the Vinkalmann guide to set up Ableton to output to 2 separate channels on my...