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    To be or not to be - Acting Classes - Any recommendations

    I want to take a beginners acting class. I am currently pondering taking one from Humber but I dunno if I should go down the route of public education. Maybe private studios are the way to go. Anyone have any experience or knowledge in this field.
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    HELP Where can I get...........

    LOOFAHS I am desperately in need of new loofahs and for the life of me I can’t find any. All the places I used to get them don’t have them anymore. I used to get them at the dollar stores and if I was in a bind I would get them at Shoppers Drug Mart. For some reason none of these places...
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    What happened on the TTC today

    About 10ish Bloor Danforth line. Does anyone know? I heard it was a suicide but I don’t want to go on rumour and innuendo so I thought I would ask Tribe.
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    Brainstorm - Places to meet women

    Guys (and girls) lets brainstorm unique and different places to meet women. Mmmmmmladen has mentioned hostels I will add work in the charitable sector (ratio of women to men is ridiculous)
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    uber nerds help - voice recording software

    Can anyone recommend some good voice recording software for the PC? Also any voice changing software. I would like to record my own voice into MP3 format and then change it so it doesn't sound like me.
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    More females than males but where are they?

    Its Thursday and the weekend is fast approaching which got me to pondering. Statistics say that there are more girls than guys (102 to 100 or something like that). Add in the fact of at least 10 % of guys are gay and what this means is that there are more single girls than there are single...
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    Midterm report card - Toronto no smoking ban

    It's Tuesday and I just realized that I don't smell like crap coming back from clubs anymore so I am giving this initiative an: A fucking + + + + + + Best thing ever to happen to nitelife since the invention of beer. And to all you naysayers that predicted doom and gloom well maybe...
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    Downtown Tribers

    It’s Monday and I was just thinking how much I love living downtown and am curious how many tribers live downtown and where abouts do you live. I'll start. Bay & Bloor
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    Kewl commercial

    A little Friday smile especially with all the sex talk going on around here. Commercial from Africa (Kenya I think) right click and save as:
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    Bush on Film

    Bush interview on Irish TV Bush being interviewed for Irish TV and I don’t think he has ever looked creepier. Does this scare anyone else or just me? I think I figured out what is wrong with him. He seems to be below average intelligence combined with an arrogance of knowing he has power...
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    Garage Sale nerds and geeks Help - Need Garage Sale advice

    The charity I work for is having a Garage Sale next week June 19. Does anyone know how you go about promoting these things? I have to do all the advertising and promotions but I have never been to one of these things in my life let alone organized one. Any advice peeps.
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    MP3 player good quality + good price

    Does anyone know where I can get a good quality MP3 player in the Toronto area for a half decent price? I’m not talking about those 128MB ones here. I am interested in purchasing a 20 – 40 GB player that is easy to use and has recording capabilities. I would be willing to spend $300 - $500 for...
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    ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's the best place?

    Now that summer is coming (eventually) and people are so disturbed that this Greg’s place has closed moved vanished. I thought I would ask the all knowledgeable tribe Where is the best place to get ice cream in Toronto? Please only answer if you know your stuff no wannabe ice cream connoisseurs.
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    And yet another computer question

    Okay computer geeks here is my question. I am in the market for a new computer and I want to spend approximately $1200. I will not be using it for gaming I want to use it for multitasking for example listening to music while working on Word and Excel.and watching a video I need a good...
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    what do you Geeks use

    I want to install a newsreader and am wondering what you guys use. I don't want to go anywhere near outlook express.
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    Geek help - only real geeks need reply

    Okay here is the problem: My Window media player 9 is not working correctly. It stops playing video 3/4 of the way through a file and only plays the audio. I think it might have something to do with the codec package I downloaded (for the original media player with XP) then when I upgraded to 9...
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    Geek thread - help! windows media player 9

    Does anyone know why windows media player plays a portion of the vidoe of a file then the screen goes to black but still continues playing the audio portion. The original media player was working fine till I uprgaded to 9 :mad:. Is there any way to uninstall 9 :confused:.
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    "i said a hip hop"

    "the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie, say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat" your turn
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    Contact lenses

    Does anyone know of any good places to buy contact lenses from. I usually purchase them from my optometrist but I'm thinking he's probably charging a huge mark up. Any suggestions of where to get reasonably priced brand name lenses in the Toronto area.
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    Calling all computer geeks re: drive backup

    I recently bought a new hard drive because no matter how big your hard drive is you find ways to fill it up with priceless data that you can't do without that 6 months ago you never envisioned giving a flying fuck about. But now since it's on your computer you can't part with it because you...