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    Garbage - Why Do You Love Me?

    Anyone heard the new song off of their forthcoming album? it's really good. totally not expecting the sound of it. I figured they were gonna go into a more different electro sound, which i'm glad they didn't. it's very much rock. and shirley looks even more rock now than before:) they're...
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    The Weird Sisters

    the next harry potter movie: the goblet of fire there is a group of characters called the weird sisters. they've chosen some interesting ppl to play these roles in the movie. should be interesting to watch this hahaha.
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    could someone please tell me what a minger is? i've always been curious and i'm not sure where i'd be able to find out and thought maybe you friendly ppl here at tribe could answer this as some of you are actually in england where the phrase is most common. holy run on sentence.
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    G2 Exit Test

    for those that have taken the final test needed to get your full G license since graduated licensing took effect what was the g2 exit test like? i'm assuming it's the highway test. how far on the highway did they make u drive? even better woudl be if u went to the eglinton office by the 427...
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    MSN Down

    Not even the status page is working for me. at one point in plain lettering it said "server busy". now my lights just flickered. WAR OF THE WORLDS!
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    Daft Punk - Human After All

    So that is the name of their new album. I've downloaded it and listened to it. Not sure if it's the final version but it's definitely Daft Punk. I would've thought they'd have progressed. But no. Same crap as Discovery. I wasn't hoping for another Homework, even though that would be nice...
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    Weed = Psychosis

    very interesting. certainly would explain a lot. http://sympatico.msn.cbc.ca/story/science/national/2004/12/02/pot-psychosis041202.html
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    2 Pixies Tickets $40/each

    I have 2 tickets for the Pixies at the International Centre in Mississauga for their Nov. 25th performance. Doors are at 5:30. 2 opening bands. Tickets were purchased for $50 each. I'll sell them for $40 each. Ticketmaster still has tickets, but for the original price. I just wanna get rid...
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    FS: Bass GUITAR

    BRAND: Samick MODEL: LB-31/BGS Virtually New. 5 years old but used a handful of times. Few light surface scuffs not even noticeable. Neck/fingerboard is Maple. Bought with the intention of being used. But isn't being used. Comes with soft case that has strap attached. And pocket on...
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    FS: Old Vice Magz

    i have the following issues: volume 6: #3 #6 #7 #9 #10 volume 7: #1 #3 #4 #5 #6 #8 #10 volume 8: #1 #2 #3 #7 #8 volume 9: #1 #3 give me your best offer.
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    No avatars

    why is it that there are no avatars on this board? i noticed that there were none and i went to see how i can make one and it said that it's disabled.. why is this? all i could find on this is http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/misc.php?action=faq&page=1#avatar and...
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    Sun is shining

    no it's not. when are we EVER going to see the sun again? this is getting really depressing. i think the last time we saw the sun was like 5 or 6 days ago now. *cries*
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    Curiosa Festival Tickets For Sale

    Hey i've got two GA floor tickets for this event tomorrow. I'm unable to go and need to get rid of them. sell for face value $98.25 each. must sell both not just one. any takers email me: khristopher@sympatico.ca
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    what do you do when your boyfriend..

    dumps you? what are some of the things you do to get yourself through it? we've broken up several times but its always been me who ended it. this time its him and also its ALWAYS been over something stupid. so ya any suggestions for me? ~khriS
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    my first thread. i'm newish.

    i forgot to make my first post a WELCOME ME TO TRIBE post. so i'm doing it now:) HI!!!!!!! ~khriS