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    muzik mag no more...

    I saw that Ministry of Sound just launched a new magazine called "Trash", a more diverse music/lifestyle/fashion magazine than the old Ministry Magazine. Hopefully it will be pretty good and come with some great free CD's like the old mag...
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    Carl Cox @ Aria

    What long weekend would be complete without a super-party to celebrate! So my planned weekend to Montreal with the Magical White Isle and my girlfriend was made all that much more appealing when we found out Carl Cox was playing at Aria. After a normal night of partying we left our initial...
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    Ministry of Sound Radio

    I have to admit that sometimes I think I am addicted to MOS radio. Most days it helps me slide through the work day in a good mood. Most days between 10am or 11am and 3pm the shows are really great, a mix of everything you'd love from a REAL dance station, always fresh and interesting and good...
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    Hmmm...interesting. You learn something new every day. Thanks for the info and insight. Evan
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    Does anyone know who Peter Rauhofer is...on of the headliners at the Guv event on Thurs? I'm not sure whether he is prog or tech or something else DJ. I do know that he's playing in the Guv main room which I'd think would make him likely a tech DJ?, but he's playing after Tom Stephan who's...
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    Mad chillin' with DT

    Big pictures for a big guy!:D
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    Mad chillin' with DT

    Massive Respect Dude, These pics are SICK!!!! Lots of people partying hard it seems. Looking good and having fun. Nice that you were able to rent a drop-top for a few days....I GOTTA make it next year! DT is the man, by the way!
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    Naked Music

    Tomorrow night (Friday March 7th) at Inside...Richmond street just East of John.
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    Naked Music

    Very excited... If this party is anything like the event last February at Una Mas with Miguel Migs, it will be off the hook!! I'm totally hyped...
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    Howells Vs. Seaman (prog weekend thread)

    Howells set times...anyone?
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    Five Dolla, Five Dolla......

    Thierry-- Why don't you share some stories? After all, you've started this thread but contributed NOTHING! You clearly are an expert on this topic. Why don't you spread the knowlege and help educate those who may not be as savvy with the sketcy back-alley shit that goes down in this city...
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    It's COLD and I am FAT......

    It's best to do the gym when it's cold out. Clubs keep you warm too. DVD's baked on your couch, especially with a nice TV and system help keep you insulated. Sometimes it's good to pretend you like the winter by getting involved in winter sports, which make the freezing cold okay ("yeah...
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    WMC what/who!!??

    T will also GUARANTEEE his performance to the lucky lady who accompanies him...if not he's agreed to pay $50 per night to the lady as a compensation.
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    Raptors FANS.....A lil' sumpin' on Rafer....

    I think the Raptors should sign The Magical White Isle to a 10-day contract, he apparently has a lot of game--can knock down the three ball and bring power to the lane. I know for a fact he's been hitting the gym hard...though his weed-smoking habit might be a bit of a problem :D
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    Tom Stephan in April

    This would be great news if it's true....
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    Francois K @ Roxy

    Yeah, Francois clearly has skills, but now the two times I've seen him...still doesn't throw parties like best. His music and mixing are great at times, and dull and unimpressive at others. At points I got the feeling he thought we were all chilling out in his living room listening to house...
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    Places to Fuck Me -- Need Help!!

    Thierry, You still looking for places to try out your new (fuck me) boots?? [You all should see how cute he looks in them]. WHY DON'T YOU TRY MY BED OR BATHROOM AGAIN YOU TWISTED FUCK!
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    Satoshi Tomeii's Nubreed

    Picked up this CD a while ago. I had modest expectations when I got it just before Labour of Love. Then I spent some time with it after getting home from Howells/Deep Dish...and all I can say is it is one of the BEST compilation CD sets I've heard in a while. It is so well programmed. Maybe...
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    First GU Recording?

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    NYE 2003

    DUDE, here's what he posted on his message board. Don't need more confirmation than this: "For those of you that were not informed, this coming Friday I will be playing in Acapulco for the second annual ACA-SOUND-FEST three day Festival. I had committed to this quite some ago and I am sorry...