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  1. J

    converting real audio to mp3

    Does anyone know a good way to do this?
  2. J

    public enemy breaks remix

    what's the name of that breaks remix of public enemy's "bring the noise"? you know the one that goes "bass! how low can you go?...."
  3. J

    A nation that doesn't vote gets the government it deserves

    I was tought this in grade 9 when we learned about government and the voting system. 25% of America voted last election. Bush is what they got and deserve. This is basically proof of that concept. Anyone who complains about the government and screwed up policies should have thought of...
  4. J

    Viagra for shits and giggles

    I just finished watching the new movie with Morgan Freeman about the telepathic guys (can't remember the name) Anyways in one conversation they talk about using Viagra even while still quite sexually capable to get amazing hard ons. I'm thinking, sounds like a lot of fun! Since everyone here...
  5. J

    What's your favourite sexual position?

    I gotta say mine's doggy style. The mutual movement, the boob grabbing potential, the better feeling... There are so many good things about doggy style. If you've got the drunken stamina, it's less tiring and involves virtually no dexterity. let's say there's no switching up...half an...
  6. J

    top 10 movies of all time

    these are mine in no particular order: snatch fight club fear and loathing in las vegas die hard aliens terminator 2 braveheart tremors return of the jedi two towers
  7. J

    new mixer

    i'm gettin a new mixer in the few hundred dollar range and am looking for suggestions..(christmas kicks ass) so anyways, i want something with at least 3 line ins (for when i get a 3rd table), only need bass, mid, and treble switches, and kill switches for everything...i'm thinking technics or...
  8. J

    Eastern Bloc is closing down

    sucks eh? This is from their newsletter: You have probably also been hearing loads of rumors surrounding Eastern Bloc and what is to become of the store. I wanted to officially inform you that the store on Yonge St will be closing down soon and that I have not been working at the shop since...
  9. J


    I just stumbled on to this Dutch label the other day and they've got some wicked tracks...you can listen to em at www.sector-1.com ...i also really liked the releases on metrik there too (also dutch)... are there any other labels or djs's from the netherlands worth checking out?
  10. J

    1groove.com old sets

    do they still exist? i'm looking for the dieselboy and ed rush+optical sets from wemf '01
  11. J

    splitting up mp3's to burn

    So I've got this big mp3 - 84 minutes long - and i want to burn a cd out of it. The problem first of all is that the program i'm using (Roxio Easy Cd Creator 5) won't let me use the file becuase my cd is only 80 minutes long. So to even make a cd i need to chop off 4 minutes. But I'd like to...
  12. J

    spy technologies lp

    so i'm stuck now in a place with no record stores (winnipeg) so i've gotta order this bad boy online...BUT the only online record store I know of that's not in the uk or the netherlands or some crapp is satelliterecords.com...but they're out of stock!@ those sluts! so does anyone know any...
  13. J

    nuther track id

    I'm looking for 2 tracks...found at: http://www.futuristicfunk.com >enter>stimulants>videos>trace@databass, la, 2002 (the first one) they're the ones dropped at 48:08 and 54:09... if anyone knows the names and can tell me that'd be wicked
  14. J

    women and grudges

    What's up with women and their grudge holding? Like seriously it's been a life-long observation of mine, girls almost always tend to hold grudges over stupider things than guys do, AND for longer periods of time (just from the experiences i've had). and the silent treatment. can't...
  15. J

    track id

    trying to figure out what this track is....it's off of a marty mcfly "breakin da decks" tape...and the main part of it goes: oooh baby i like it rawwwww ya baby i like it rawwww and that's all i got ta work with... Jeff
  16. J


    I am the terrorist! terrorist!!! terrorist!!! terrorist!!! t-e-r-r-o-r-ist! the terrorist! terrorist! terrorist! terrorist! i am the terrorist~! terrorist! terrorist! terrorist~! t-e-r-r-o-r-ist! the terrorist! terrorist! terrorist! terrorist! well i'm the...
  17. J

    Drugs now legal in the US if User is Employed

    I wouldn't be surprised if someone already posted this...but anyways i didn't see it: the link has some pictures too! http://www.theonion.com/onion3811/drugs_now_legal.html WASHINGTON, DC—Seeking to "narrow the focus of the drug war to the true enemy," Congress passed a bill legalizing...
  18. J


    i was walking along...and it was like WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! then i saw some thugs and it was like WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! GONADS AND STRIFE! GONADS AND STRIFE! GONADS AND STRIFE1!!!! AHAHAHHAHAHHAAahahhaHAHAHahAhaHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHahahHAHAhAHAH i'm looking for this video...need a link! i...
  19. J

    track id- andy c @ bittersweet

    Just wondering if anyone knows what that last track he dropped was...sick! Jeff
  20. J

    Everyone's copying my sayings this week.

    Like what the fuck! I'M the one who claims jihad on everyone and everything, and who calls everyone a tool, and says that you're all fired...and I USED to say that you're all mere sheep...that was a can't hardly wait/braveheart quote...Frigg! moral of the story: we're all a bunch of fucking...