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    Does anyone know who Peter Rauhofer is...on of the headliners at the Guv event on Thurs? I'm not sure whether he is prog or tech or something else DJ. I do know that he's playing in the Guv main room which I'd think would make him likely a tech DJ?, but he's playing after Tom Stephan who's...
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    Tiesto Named Best DJ in the World

    According to DJ magazine's Top 100 DJ Poll: 1. Tiesto; 2. Sasha; 3. John Digweed; 4. Paul Van Dyk; 5. Armin Van Burren; 6. Paul Oakenfold; 7.Judge Jules; 8. Carl Cox; 9. Ferry Corsten; 10. Lee Burridge; 11. Danny Tenaglia; 12. Danny Howells; 13. Steve Lawler; 14...
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    Can someone confirm the Howells/Stephan set times???

    I know this was sort-of asked a few weeks back, but... I am desperate to plan my Friday night at System properly. Is Stephan opening for DH 12:00am - 2:00am? Is he playing later and is System staying open later? Are they screwing us and putting Stephan in the back room? I am indebted to...
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    Miguel Migs @ Una Mas

    WOW! What a fantastic night. The place was rammed like I've never seen it. Miguel Migs is a house god. What sweet, soulful music. Lisa Shaw doing live vocals over the tracks adds such a wicked dimension. Lots of people dancing, smiling, having a great time. Looking very forward...
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    Miguel 'Migs' in full effect

    Miguel 'Migs' will be at Una Mas on Saturday. This is a rare treat, and will be amazing to see live. I'm looking forward to a night of sweet house. Hope there's a big turnout.