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    FS: 2 tickets to The Beat Boat with Steve Mack, Lee Osborne and Tim Patrick

    I have two tickets available to the Beat Boat - boat party on Saturday, July 26th, from 12-5 p.m. with Steve Mack, Lee Osborne and Tim Patrick aboard the Kajama. see here: http://beatboat.ca/ $25.00 each ss pm me if interested
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    A new mix to check out!

    Just got a hold of this on recommendation. It is smooth. Restructured Layers - mixed by Martinez 01 –Phil Stumpf – Borderline 02 – Willie Graff & Kyle Errison – Synergetic 03 – Martinez – Chordripper 04 – Nima Gorji – Determination 05 – Reynold – Abstract Dream 06 – Lowtek...
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    Sensiva - Russian downtempo/breaks and some crazy Scots

    http://www.myspace.com/sensiva http://www.myspace.com/solipsism ss
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    Bonobo - Days to Come

    A new disc by Bonobo is pretty sweet downtempo vibe. It features the voice of Bajka, who for those that may remember, was the vocalist on the Beanfield - Tides tack (Carl Criag mix on Fundacion). Nice groove to most of the disc. Check it. http://www.bonobomusic.com/bonobo/news.php ss
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    Trentemoller - The Last Resort

    Not what you might expect. This is an artist album released by Trentemoller on Poker Flat. It is a double disc and it is amazing. The overall feel is downtempo, wide-screen-type glitchy, sub-bassy techno. I can't wait for it to get retail release here in Montreal. I think it will hit...
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    Inspired by the Timewriter thread in the Prog Room

    I thought I would make mention of a recent discovery. Nor Elle (aka Terry Lee Brown Jr.) is his downtempo/ambient/dnb alterego. A friend of mine introduced me to this stuff recently, and I am on the hunt for more. Nice stuff, here is the dicogs link...
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    History of Techno

    Techno room... I am researching a paper about the repurposing of the Roland TB303 and TR909, from their original intent, by the Detroit Three primarily, to create techno. Does anyone have any links, texts, articles, books or any other references that they could recommend to me? I...
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    Some funny shit in the house room

    Over the debate of mp3 quality.... Hahahaha... some funny shit. If only Dj 6-string would put the words, "The world's best 320 dj" before his name on flyers, people may actually know who he is. word. ss p.s. Listening to DJ 6-String is like listening to Danny Tenaglia while cupping your...
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    Cheney Live @ Folsom

    Funny shit. http://cheneyplaysfolsom.cf.huffingtonpost.com/ ss
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    Vernon in Da House

    Good to see Vernon Douglas (Vancouver Don of the House Underground) appear on Gonzaemon show on P-r-o-t-on Radio tonight. Tight ass mix Vern. I know you been loving any and all Bar-a-thyme mixes! Simon p.s.s I remember hanging with you and Nukes on ight at the Lotus. Damn I gotta come...
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    hawtin does turin opener

    http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20060207.HAWTIN07/TPStory/TPEntertainment/ ss
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    Fred Everything - For the Heads!

    Was the featured artist on the internet radio station that everyone loves (the one with the chemical name). Check it out two parts. Part 1: Fred Everything 1. Demarkus Lewis - Wurkin With 2. T. Fuller - Go (Troydon's Mix) 3. Chuck Love - Funky Ice Beat 4. Todd Edwards - Save My Life 5...
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    Anyone make their own calendars?

    My girlfriend wants to make a calendar for her grandma, using her own pics. Can anyone recommend a good software. I have been scouring google looking for something good, but they all require you to make the calendar and have them print it for you, for $$$. ss
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    Delta Heavy DVD

    Official North American release is set for Feb 2006. Pre-orders right now on Sasha's site for 16 bucks US. I went searching for this and found a place within Canada for pre-order price of $11.88. If you went to the show, or not, this is definately going to be something worth checking out...
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    Iriver H1XX users....

    has anyone tried the firmware Rockbox on their H series? Looks like it is still in the works , but the beta is out and looks to have some cool features: On-the-fly playlists Customizable while-playing-screen True gapless playback Unlimited recording time [within limits of the FAT...
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    Ripping mixed CD's in OS X

    I used to use EAC, in Windows, to rip mixed CD's as single files to upload to my mp3 player. Does anyone have any recommendations to do the same, but in OS X. Can itunes do this? Thanks ss p.s. I want the mix to rip as ONE single file, as my lovely iRiver doesn't have gapless playback.
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    New Desyn on Kiss FM

    This set is pretty sick I must say. I enjoy it much more than his Balance disk. On this mix, he moves away from the housey vibe...to the more atmospheric proggy sounds, yet remaining fresh sounding. Check it out. ss p.s. Thanks to bringthebeats for the hookup.
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    LF: Amalgamation of Soundz - Fabric 12

    Does anyone have a copy of this CD that they would like to get rid of? I can't find it here in Montreal and never buy on-line. Thanks ss
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    BT & Tommy Lee

    I noticed last night on the credits for Tommy Lee Goes to College - that BT is the executive producer. HAHAHAHAHHA. Rock star makes good in LALA Land. ss
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    Anyone hit up Doc Martin?

    well.....? ss