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    Jacob London Viper Jam

    Now that was a party!! The Live PA by Jacob London... was absolutely retarded... so good and fresh Dude was giving her on the bass and they had some bleepy and funky beats all night long :eek: Great music and vibe allll night long... THANK YOU VIPERS and 999999999 so many friendly...
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    Helpdesk Positions - $32/hr

    Hi.. I am an IT recruiter and one of my clients is currently looking for some good desktop support people for Markham This a 6 month contract and great pay at $32/hr They are looking for people with XP, Support Experience, A+ or MCSE would be nice This is going fast... looking for 6...
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    Phil Weeks - 30th Birthday Video - pretty cool

    I just found this video on the RObosul website.. basically it is a video for Phil's 30th Birthday with DJ Sneak.. shows them going out for diner then rocking some club in Paris.. tres cool :) Check it out: http://www.robsoulrecordings.com/sound/philweeksbirthday.wmv
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    DJ Sneak - Ever Been to Miami

    I am loving this tune!! Anyone else here it.. its on his My Space page I need a Sneakbeating soon :)
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    SD Memory Card - 1GB

    Sandisk 1 GB SD Memory Card.... no longer needed Price: $50 Firm- good deal!! PM if interested
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    Ghetto Fight Video

    WOw this is some crazy shit that happens in the ghetto... pretty disturbing... I can't beleive that guy breaks the black guy's X5s window... he looks seriously fucked up http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=video&file=backthatshitup.wmv sorry if its already been posted
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    Snoop Dogg - April 28th Docks

    Anyone going to see Snoop? I know I am down for shizzle!! I love his new CD........ plus all of his old shit, this jam should be hypes :cool:
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    IBM Thinkpad - p3 500/DVD/ Windows XP - $200

    I have a great deal on an IBM Thinkpad I Series Laptop - A Multimedia Laptop which was very top of the line like 4 years ago Specs: Pentium 3-500 64 Megs Ram DVD Player 11 Gig HD 14.1" Screen Windows XP Installed Only Problem is that battery will not charge...but this laptop is...
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    IBM Thinkpad A20m - Great Deal

    Upgraded my laptop......... get a deal on my old one: Specs: Intel Pentium III 700 MHz with intel speedstep technology 128Mb Memory 12Gb Hard Drive Floppy and 40x CD-ROM drives 56K Integrated Modem and Ethernet GOOD BATTERY hold charge and last for 1.5 hours 14-in TFT Active...
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    Who's the triber from Peru??

    Hey... I met a very cool triber from Peru at Sneak's B-DAY.... we hung out but I forgot his Alias anyways, if you read this PM me... my friend is going to Lima and wants to know the 411 Sorry tribe for the BRT
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    Apple G3 Powerbook Pismo Edition For Sale- DVD and Wireless Internet

    Powerbook Pismo Specs: 400MHz PowerPC G3 processor 1MB backside L2 cache 128 RAM, maximum 1 GIG 6.0 GB hard drive DVD-ROM drive 2 USB stereo in stereo out video out S-video out 2 FireWire IR 2 expansion bays 1 PC card slots ethernet internal modem Has a Airport Wireless...
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    G3 Powerbook For Sale - Lombard Edition

    G3 Powerbook For Sale: Great Condition - Has 0S 9.22 Installed Specs: 333 MHz G3 128 MB memory 4.5 GB Ultra ATA hard drive 14.1" LCD Screen Built-in Modem and 10/100 Ethernet Card Power Adapter & Battery Included Asking: $450 FIRM!! Please PM... this should go...
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    Bogota Colombia... Anybody been?

    I'm going to Bogota, Colombia on Friday... just wondering of any tribers have been and can suggest things to do? I'm hoping to have a good time without getting kidnapped :cool: thanks for any help tribe!!
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    Paypal - $550 for $500

    I am having problems transferring funds from my paypal account to my Canadian bank account.......... and I don't want to pay a bunch of service fees and don't really want to buy anything of ebay However, I can easily transfer my money in a matter of seconds to another paypal user's account...
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    Canon S400 For Sale - New Condition

    I am selling this great camera... because I realize that I am not really into photography.... - bought 2 months ago, have boxes, cables (USB and Video) , Warranty Card that I was too lazy to mail in, 32 Meg Flash Card - Including a great Canon leather case for Camera ... paid $50 Only...
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    Track ID.... You think your big time?

    Old House Toon.... Has the sample from Carlito's Way... "you think you're big time... you're gonna fuckin die .. big time" has a spanish beat to it... it was a really big tune Thanks peeps
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    UP! Festival

    I think thats what its called... is it happening this year? I remeber when they had it at Harbourfront with Roy Davis Jr.... very good times... anybody have the word on the UP Festival?? thanks.... I am really craving some outdoor summer beats!!
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    Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Californication Remix

    I heard a kick ass remix of Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Californation that Roger Sanchez threw down on Saturday... just wondering if any of you peeps know who did this remix? thanks
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    We should be able to drink in the Streets!!

    Are we that much of dysfuntional society where we can't handle our citizens to have open alcohol on the streets? I loved when I was in Europe and the Carribean, just walking around drinking beers, stopping at convenience stores grabbing another tall boy.... Why can't this be possible here?