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    LF: patch cables

    Who's got a good lead for patch cables? Over the years i've seem to have lent out too many & now that I'm rebuilding my studio I'm in need of mono & stereo 1/4" patch cables. Preferably 3 & 6 foot length Also, midi cables...same 3 & 6 foot. Anyone got some they'd care to get rid of for...
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    MTC Show @ Metro convention centre

    motorcycle show @ Metro Convention Centre??? Anyone going? I'll probably be going to this on Sunday as can't seem to find anyone else who wants to go on Saturday. Need bike stand for mine & some ideas for Barrie Breaker's Fireblade PB
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    trying to locate a copy of old Hardkiss cd album

    I'm trying to track down a copy of: Delusions of Grandeur - Hardkiss It's a 2 disk album from 1995 by those west coast crackheads & i had a bad cassette copy that was lost in a recent move. Amazon wants $119-$200 USD for it & i can't even come close to affording that after buying our...
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    FOCUS @ Charlie's Sat march 6!!!!

    so who's coming out? I went last week for BLC and it was probably one of the best sets i've heard him play. I think Turtle & Angus are playing tonight only two more nights to go before this turns into a psy-trance night (i don't even know what the fuck "psy-trance" is and frankly i...
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    Akai S-900

    For all you classic gear geeks (like me!!!) I'm selling my Akai s900. I'm asking $250 flat. Wicked condition, only been mounted once. working with original disk drive and includes boot disk for the upgraded software. email to: patrick@promorecords.com or pm me The S-900 sampler...
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    Beer festival at Fort York Aug 9, 10 & 11

    so who else can't wait for this to come around again?!? I've been the past three years and absolutely love it. Sunshine, many many different beers, food (yum yum with beer) and those huge pickles on sticks that dwarf pogos. Gonna rock it hard. Who else is up for a Sunday mash up...
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    who likes lasers?

    i know i do, but i don't know if this has been posted before... http://www.input-entertainment.de/laser/laser.html "the angle of the dangle..."
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    it's wednesday, it's beautiful, it's Limelight patio!!!

    it always seems like the best day ever...when you've a beautiful wednesday, the day off, some cold Creemore Springs in the fridge and swimming pool chlorine burning your eyes all crack-red... the kicker is the patio at the end of the night with some tunes, cheap booze and wednesday wackos...
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    Beats Ahoy - Happy birthday JELO!!!

    RiCCo Suave signing out... my head and my clip board hurt so much fun, more later Patrick Brown
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    DJ Vadim & MR. Thing at Lee's Palace

    werd, so i just caught the end of Anti Pop Consortium and was impressed (wondering why i didn't show up earlier...) but the Russian Percussion never disappoints!! Sooooo great to hear some Roots Manuva tracks played into Toronto as well. and to think i wasn't gonna go... Thanks to...
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    ATM *what a crazy night*

    I just got in the door from a cab ride with that cabbie who knows all this shit about all the locals DJ's...he's fucking hilarious. Gave him my copy of RobbG steriod hiphop too. Reasons why this night was messed up! Drinking in the car on the way down. Drinking in the car in the parking lot...