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    FS: 800+ Records - $250

    Picked up this great record collection a few years back, and now I'm letting go of about half of it. Chicago and Disco house is mostly gone - besides ones I already had - and so is the DnB, and hip hop. There are still a LOT of techno records (Get Physical, etc), tech house, tribal...
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    Don Sizzle / Sizzle Central / 01.14.12

    New one from me, enjoy! Sizzle Central - 01.14.12 1. Camouflage - Don't You Know I'm Loco 2. Chemars - Work It Up - Gingko Music 3. K-nto - The Roots - Juiced 4. DJ Hal feat. Jay Thomas - Don't Give It Up (LCG Mix) - Blockhead 5. Jangatha & B Original feat J.A.M.O.N. - Push (Quell) -...
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    Don Sizzle / Sizzle Central / MHYH 6 Year Mix

    Recording of a live broadcast on MHYH, which celebrated it's 6th birthday this weekend. http://soundcloud.com/don-sizzle/sizzle-central-don-sizzle-6-year-mix/download 1. Jori Hulkkonen - Let Me Luv U - F Communications 2. Giom & Joshua Heath - Techno Idiots - Lost My Dog 3. J Paul...
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    Don Sizzle // The Goods // (House)

    New one from me, hope you enjoy! THE GOODS Vernon & DaCosta - All For One - Homecoming Kruse & Nuernberg - Sliced - Lazy Days Jon Allegro - Darlin Baby (DJ Sneak & Mono Stereo Gangstaz) - Plastik Philosophy Javi Lopez - Funk Odyssey - Blockhead Dimitri Max - Dont Want You - Guesthouse...
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    Don Sizzle // Sizzle Central - 04.24.10 // House

    Hit it don't quit it! Sizzle Central - 04.24.10 Bob Sinclar - Paradise (Vision Of Paradise) - Yellow Productions High Caliber - Don't Panic Joss Moog - Yo - Robsoul Lak & Riddik - Funk La Vie - Smoke City Luke Alan - Step One (Subsky) - Sowat DJ Rork feat.Cminos Alexander - I Wanna...
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    Don Sizzle // Not The Steak // (House)

    NOT THE STEAK (right click, save as) 1. Pound Boys feat. RaShaan Houston - The Right Way (Raw Dub) - Look At You 2. Santiago & Bushido - Memory Dub - Robsoul 3. Anhanguera - Make It Hot (Nonfiction) - Maracuja 4. Sonny Fodera - Games - Beatdown 5. Cubase Dan & Jason Merle - Recognize Me -...
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    FS: Rane Serato SL1 - $550

    Rane Serato Scratch Live unit for sale, in excellent condition. Comes with the hardware box, usb power cord, two rca cables, and 4 control records. Unfortunately I don't have the control cds that came with this unit anymore, but you can download the control file from the Serato website and...
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    Don Sizzle // Transition Erudition // House Music

    Transition Erudition 01. Paul Johnson - Follow That Beat (Mousse T Psycho Disco) - Peppermint Jam 02. Sonny Fodera - Lose My Mind - Drop Music 03. Eddie Leader & Hector Moralez - No Shame (Hector Moralez Remix) - Hudd Traxx 04. William Alexander - Servin Em (Cubase Dan Alternate Mix) -...
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    Don Sizzle // Back To Let You Know // House

    BACK TO LET YOU KNOW 01 - Ferry Ultra feat. Roy Ayers - Dangerous Vibes (Original Dangerous Jazz Mix) - Peppermint Jam (Intro Edit) 02 - Bobby N Klein - Go - Lingo 03 - Manuel Sahagun - Anxious - Candy Music 04 - Kreon - Jauce - Cecille Numbers 05 - Hoodfellas - Dash Dash - Black Crack...
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    Don Sizzle // The Cuss Out // House (Deep/Funk/Tech)

    Here are some of my favourite tunes at the moment... THE CUSS OUT (right click, save as) 1 - Andy (Inland Knights) & Da Sunlounge vs. Bad Habitz - Track A - Borrowed 2 - Natural Rhythm - Why Can't We Together - Guesthouse 3 - JT Donaldson - Just Bounce (Block Committee Just Bounce To The...
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    Lawnchair Generals @ FW / Saturday

    No roll call for this yet?? When LCG played that Hustlin' party at System they fucking ripped it! Can't wait for this night - parties like this have been too few and far between this year.
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    Don Sizzle // Fading Days // House

    Here's a new one for the house heads, pitched down a bit to help you enjoy whats left of the summer... Fading Days (right click, "save as") 1. Masters At Work feat. Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People (Re-Edit) - Strictly Rhythm 2. Inland Knights - Hard Bread - 2020 Vision 3. Troydon -...
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    Don Sizzle // "Otherwise" // House

    Hi everyone! I'm back with some new heats for your feets. Ready? OTHERWISE - Sizzle & Friends - Hi - Late Night Society – Back In Town (Toka Mix) – Phobic - Ricardo Viera – Block Committee (Hotel Lobby Mix) – Minority - John Larner & Slater Hogan – I Work – Detour - Fries & Bridges...
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    Justin Long & Thomas White (Natural Rhythm) @ FW!!

    Well it only took three years, but Thomas White is finally coming! Of course Justin Long is going to throw down too, can't wait for this jam. Where my party people at, who's wit me?!?
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    E: drive renamed...now I can't browse files

    Last week my girlfriend was watching a video using the E: drive (CD ROM) on my computer, and somehow the drive got renamed to the name of the video file. Now when I put a data cd in there and try to browse the files from My Computer it won't let me...as if it still thinks the video file is in...
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    Don Sizzle / As Advertised / House

    Just realized its been a while since my last mix, so here are some tunes I've been playing lately... AS ADVERTISED - Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Edit) – London - Sombionix - Breathe In My Fire (Johnny Fiasco Mix) – Q Studios - Duckbeats – Hipposthumous - Odori - Kink - Gypsy - The...
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    Don Sizzle ////Like Thunder//// Funky, Techy House

    Kicking it up a notch or two here, getting pumped for the summer! ////Like Thunder//// (couple of recording blips around 17 min, just ignore them, they go away) 1. Lamanex – Turducken Cover – Spatula City 2. Sawtooth Sucka – Crazy - .Dotbleep 3. Mastiksoul – Hula Hula – Tango 4. White...
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    Cubase question / Adding a limiter

    Okay, basically what I want to do here is slap a limiter on my final mix down so that I can make the overall output louder without going over 0 db. I know how to beef up and limit a file in SoundForge after I have exported, but would like to know how to do this in Cubase. A few...
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    LF: 2 x Technics 1200

    Looking for 2 Technics 1200 turntables. They must be in excellent working condition, and I would like them both to be the same colour (preferably black, but no big deal.) Don't need needles, flight cases or anything like that - just the tables. If anyone is looking to sell please hit me up...
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    Don Sizzle // "Under The Radar" // Funky House

    This one is a bit deeper than the last set I posted on here, but still has some nice bump to it. Hope you enjoy! Under The Radar --> Chuck Love – Something Right (JT Donaldson Dub) – OM 1. Swirl People feat. Heather – When I Think Of You (Dub Cut) – Aroma 2. Jay Tripwire – Call And...