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    Louie Vega @ Solid Garage vs Dance Ritual

    On behalf of United Soul & Project Blue, we would like to thank everyone who supported Solid Garage vs Dance Ritual NYC feat. Vega, Groove Institute, Joe Rizla, Marcelo Cruz, Martino, Marko Bongo & Chico Pacheco. What an incredible night of SOLID DANCE RITUAL GARAGE MUSIC!!! Louie...
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    Jephte Guillaume, Soul Immigrants, Dave Campbell & Lonewolf Mix Sets

    greetings supporters of soulful dance music! Visit www.unitedsoul.ca and get connected!! NEW JUNE 2006 MIX SETS by: Jephte Guillaume (Tet Kale Records) - In the mix Dave Campbell http://www.myspace.com/djdcent - Summer House Mix 2 Soul Immigrants...
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    Solid Garage Live mix set > feat. Kenny Bobien, King Sunshine, LLV, Joe Claussell ...

    NEW SOLID GARAGE LIVE mix set mixed and programmed by GROOVE INSTITUTE music by Kenny Bobien, King Sunshine, Blaze, LLV, Joe Claussell and more! click HERE enjoy united soul
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    Michael Fossati in Eye

    the spirit of house is coming soon :) enjoy http://www.eye.net/eye/issue/issue_03.11.04/beat/fossati.html
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    groove institute update

    hello music people, in our continuing efforts to share the gift of music with you all, we have some new music updates! NEW GROOVE INSTITUTE MIX SETS 1) city rhythms website presents SOLID GARAGE est. 1998 - a tribute to the 90's - Love is the Answer visit www.cityrhythms.net or...
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    BIO for Bougie Soliterre & Uzi (Montreal)

    Bougie Soliterre (Flipside Records / Montreal) > BIO http://www.giantstep.net/artists/viewartist.asp?artistid=181 http://www.mir-media.com/newsite/index.php - look under artists / roster Bougie Soliterre. Uzi (Soulmeka / Montreal) > BIO Ousmane and Natacha Ousmane Bary...
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    new groove institute mix set on GHM

    hello music people, a new groove institute mix set has been posted on www.garagehousemusic.com feat. music by Craig David, Joe Claussell, Ron Trent, Louie Vega, Robert Owens, Brandy, Dj Pope and more! click below http://www.garagehousemusic.com/audio/solid_garage.ram enjoy US
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    a SOLID GARAGE DEEP thank you

    on behalf of DNH Records, Soulutions and Clean. we would like to thank all the deep heads that celebrated the launch of SOLID GARAGE DEEP feat. Nick Holder, Groove Institute, Jason Ulrich and Adam Khan. the support was tremendous and deeply appreciated! special thanks to Chico Pacheco &...
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    Looking for Help

    We currently have three events that cater towards the soulful and deeper side of house music, "Solid Garage", "elevation", and "deep elements". We are looking for vibrant and enthusiastic individuals that would be willing to aid us with our events. Contact us directly at groovein@yahoo.com...