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    Why is house marginalised in Canada?

    like many of you have suggested, the reasons for electronic dance music being popular in europe while hip hop has things locked down here in north america is simply a matter of how our different cultures have evolved. personally i think the state of house music in the UK is pretty sad...
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    the new STEREO - MTL

    nope, no cameras allowed at Stereo unless you're with the media or promoters.. the guy who took those photos (PM Dagenais) is hired by Rave Montreal to shoot at all their parties.... and that also explains why you see so many ravers there. These pics are all from a recent Rave Montreal party...
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    Hakan Lidbo @ the SAT in Montreal

    .. rob, you should post your reviews on MTL Nights and memf.net! people would appreciate them. :) (i figure you're familiar with these boards because you know our beloved huggsy)
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    The Funniest Comfort Zone Review Ever

    haha that's my baby. it's essentially just a load of personal mind garbage that gets updated whenever I'm bored. I hardly take it seriously and neither should any of you. ;) That review I wrote is a rambling afterthought on the Zone based on one experience there. Perhaps the music is good at...
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    Montreal for newyears

    stereo = David morales & angel moraes http://www.clubstereo.com aria = Misstress Barbara and others http://www.arianightclub.com Celebration = Max Graham and others http://www.514productions.com drug store is a labyrinth-like "normal hours" gay club that probably won't have anything...
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    Montreal for newyears

    elevation is at the cosmodome once again this year. It's a planetarium, meaning it has one of those huge machines that throws images of the constellations, planets and all that up on the ceiling. pretty wild stuff.. darjis, marty knows ALL about partying here in montreal! he plays for the...
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    Sneaks Birthday Beatdown !

    whoa man, watch that... derrick carter is no where near the original chicago bad boy. he's 2nd wave and didn't really make a name for himself until the '90s. about that shit he was playing close to the end, that was the 6th time i've seen him and i've never heard him play such crap before...
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    Yamaha A3000 sampler for sale

    interested! please check your PMs :)
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    Toronto's Scene vs. Montreal's Scene

    Re: Re: a few corrections: yep, the gallery goes until 7:30AM and is at the same venue as Trade (Turnmills). Fabric goes until 7AM Saturdays and the Ministry of Sound goes until 8am Saturday night. Still, most London clubs only go to 5 or 6 on the weekends and 2 - 4AM on weekdays even though...
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    Toronto's Scene vs. Montreal's Scene

    a few corrections: - bal en blanc is not put on by BBCM but rather bal en blanc management - the BBCM actually throws several very large parties a year but the black and blue is of course the biggest.. the b'n'b, at 25000 attendees, is actually the biggest circuit party in north america...
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    Rephlex Records Tour-Friday May 24

    ed, there are huge techno parties going on that weekend in detroit. in fact there is more talent at the after parties than there is at the actual festival. last year it was ridiculous how many big name DJs were in town and were not even playing the fest, but just at after parties. don't even...
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    Club Stereo Info Requested

    woops actually meant to post this link to my page: http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rrause/clubs/clubs.html that's the night clubs section.. the rest is just other parp
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    Club Stereo Info Requested

    stereo the two sites gizmo mentioned are good sources... there's also the montreal electronic music forum : http://www.memf.net and if you want other club info related to montreal and other places you can visit my page : http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~rrause/ stereo was having some serious...
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    liquor laws

    hi guys, i'm an ex vancouverite now living in Montreal.. been here for 3 or 4 years now. I heard that the liquor laws have been changed so that clubs can stay open until 4AM and serve alcohol until 3:30AM ??? I'm just wondering about the truth of this and how it's affected things... are...
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    Find me Senyo!!!

    Senyo has a 'net radio show on http://www.sweet-ting.com/ e-mail them and I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction.
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    Big DJ/ Small Club

    shine is an OK place. it's super-duper small, maybe 100 - 150 capacity and tends to get EXTREMELY hot. don't worry too much about a dress code.. it's only really of concern on friday and saturday night. the place is pretty hype among the mainstream on those nights and i wouldn't recommend going...
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    Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

    I'm sorry if I sounded a little anal before and I shouldn't have criticized Toronto as a whole in my review.. that was silly. I have had many awesome times in the city, afterall. As for what I expect from a production company, I expect to be treated like a human being, meaning with some level...
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    Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

    forgot to mention, security were complete assholes, yelling at everyone once the party was done, even outside in the street. $2 PER ITEM at coat check?! oh yeah, real nice. And what was "connected" about this party? I saw nothing from other cities. What a sham.
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    Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

    I came from Montreal to go to this party as the lineup was attractive and I like embarking upon new and different dance quests. Jesus guys, I was seriously let down. When we arrived at 1AM the lineup was less than 10 meters long but it still took us well over an hour of waiting in the cold to...