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  1. Surfer Joe

    Zamberlan 308 Trekker Hiking Boots-Men's size US 8/Euro 42

    These Italian-made hiking boots are like new. I received them as a gift, but they're just a bit too small. They've only been worn once in the city, never on the trail. Winner of Backpacker magazine's editor's choice award in 2010, the Trekker has great ankle support, solid treads and look great...
  2. Surfer Joe

    Kitchen hutch-$80

    Are you tried of having to open a cardboard box or search under the couch every time you need a glass or plate? Or perhaps you need somewhere safe to store your collection of Full House VHS tapes. Friends, you need a hutch. In particular, you need this hutch, which, aside from a few minor...
  3. Surfer Joe

    Blue Mikey Digital - $80

    First, the product, which is still brand new, in the box. It's been plugged in, but never actually used. What is it? The all-new Mikey Digital is the perfect tool for mobile recording. Featuring two custom-tuned Blue capsules for stereo recording, a line-input, USB pass through and a stylish...
  4. Surfer Joe

    How to use the shower

    One of invaluable tips included in this sfw video includes the following: "Throughly cleansing of the ears and drying carefully, also, prevents itching" It's edutainment! http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-use-the-shower
  5. Surfer Joe

    Toots and the Maytals at the Phoenix 17/05/06

    As the show was sold out, I got there just after 8 to meet a friend and grab a rush ticket but he had already bought scalped tickets for $50 each. Steep, but I hadn’t seen Toots before and didn’t want to miss him this time around. Zipped through security, grabbed a couple of 50s in plastic cups...