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    Maetta Radio "Get up Let's Party 24/7

    Maetta Radio is up and running tune in now http://smoke.wavestreamer.com:6936/listen.pls?sid=1
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    Flim - Maetta Vibration

    https://soundcloud.com/flimsound/dj-set-maetta-vibrations Artwork : Philomene251 www.facebook.com/philomene251 technics1200 Flimhttp://www.flimsound.com http://www.facebook.com/flimsound Track Listing 1. Alexander Metzger - Luna Intro (Armstrong Mix) - Butcher Music 2. Victor Ruiz...
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    Where is My mind ?Future Construction - Dissonance Vibration mixed by Flim

    Dissonance Vibration Dj set, music from Space DJz, Sasha Carassi, Angy Core, Namito, Slam, and many more, Introduce Maetta forth coming release " Where Is My Mind" Get your copy of this spicy techno now ! More info visit http://www.fllimsound.com or follow up with me...
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    Crucial Conversation - FLIM

    Good morning techno people http://soundcloud.com/flimsound/flim-crucial-conversation Track listing coming soon below . mix by technics1200 Have a nice day
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    FLIM : Bored of minimal ? sleep while listening to 125 bpm? this one is for you RAW

    http://soundcloud.com/beat-assembly-radioshow/beat-assembly-2011-11-19-43#new-timed-comment-at-937173 When techno was good :) Aka when beatport start to kill techno 1.History, Brain Sanhaji , Rebel Rocker 2. Operation Complete ,Chris Binder, Giant and Dwarf Record 3. Sync Out ...
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    The Hacker Live @ Move Club Campo Grande Brazil (10.Dez.2011)

    Hi Guys the hacker live in Brazil !!! love this mix. nice track selection. also he played my track at 30. mins in got to love it http://soundcloud.com/moveclub/the-hacker-live-move-club 01. PARIS - A Shifting Drifting World (It's A Fine Line Remix) 02. ID 03. Clement Meyer...
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    Press My Button

    Sharing some love for some open minded techno head out there . featuring Jane Void Press My Button [6n7 Music] :: Beatport Press My Button http://soundcloud.com/flimsound/press-my-button-flimsoundcloud
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    FLIM - Yed Ped Thai techno

    YED PED YED PED YED PED in thai mean @#nuck a duck http://soundcloud.com/flimsound/flim-yed-ped 1. Stop The Revolution - Meat Katie, D.Ramirez,Odissi ,Dubfire - LOT49 2. Blue Yonder - Ida Engberg - Drumcode 3. In Your Heart - Marco Ferrantelli -...
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    " WHITE " Powder Techno Mix

    his month FLIM has put up a new mix for you with sweet beats from Paco Osuna, Pattrixx, Henry Cullen, Ken Ishii, Popof, Kiko, Umek, Sebastian Leger, Misstress Barbara, Lutzenkirchen, Joseph capriatti, Alex Kenji, Khainz and MANY MANY MORE. 100 download available so you'll have to hurry to grab...
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    Minus+ 14 FLIM

    Dear friends Flim New Mix Minus 14 is Available for download http://soundcloud.com/flimjim909/flim-minus-14-mix MInus14 Track listing 1: Blueberry Glitter Frequenza 2: Take Over Glitter Kraft Record 3: Regenerated Booka shade( Popof Remix) Get Physical Music 4: Cairo Glitter Rod B Sound Of...
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    FLIM " Maetta " April 2010 Spicy Funky Techno

    Summer almost here ! Montreal is so beauiful ! such a good vibe city . the city and good vibe inspired me to put up this mix together . Wish you have a great trip when listen to this mix http://www.nextoffensive.com/audio/FLIM-Maetta_Mix.mp3 mix with technics1200 and with my...
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    Hello friends ! hope you all had a great time on valentines weekend and 2010 is a good start for you all. i went to ontario for a gig and visit a couple friends when i have spare time i made this new mix just for the quick update of the sound that i am digin' . hope you like it ! right...
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    FLIM Techno November 2009

    FLIM techno November 2009 En - Joint !!!!! http://www.nextoffensive.com/audio/FLIM_November_Mix.mp3 Track Listing 1 Stero and such KIKO Chicks In Ze Bunker Remix 2 Temperamental Manuel De LA Mare Remix 3 Drug and Stuff D Nox Beckers Remix 4 Disco Tech KIKO Remix 5 2nd...
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    FLIM + Give Her Boy Scout +

    Hello,Welcome http://www.nextoffensive.com/audio/Flim_-_Give_her_boyscout.mp3 Give her Boyscout “ 1.Back Fire ( Peldro Delgardo Remix ) Wehbba 2. Control - original Mix Dataworx 3. Emoni“mal _ Original mix Wehbba 4. The Chomper _ LSD Version...
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    CLAIRE * I S I S * Minimal [ism]

    This is a mix of my best friend CLAIRE * I S I S * recorded one dark and stormy night in Vancouver, completely on the fly. The key ingredients: - Passion - Bass [Excessive] - Dim lighting + incense - 2 bottles of San Pellegrino - Some really good bud...
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    FLIM >>PAD WOON SEN << Electro Funk / Glitchy Dirty Minimal Techno

    My secound Christmas Present!! Pad Woon Sen 1 hour 7 minutes and 56 secounds mix Start of with Electro Phunk snap in with Minimal , And end with Techno techno. Right click and save as...
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    FLIM " ElecnO ScratcH " Minimal Electro Techno FUnK

    HELLO everyone! I would like to introduce you to my new mix" elecno ScratcH " 60 mins mix with Techno, electro, breaks , Minimal and what i called " ElecNo" RIGHT CLICK and Save As http://thenameisembryon.com/audio/Flim%20-%20Elecno%20Scratch.mp3 TRACK...
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    Flim Core 777

    We gave out a couple hundred copies of the mix at WEMF, but now it's up for download for all a y'all's that missed out! Flim's own tracks mixed in make this a trip through techno, with some psy vibe goin' on and some distort-o bangers! It feels like it's prom night and Flim's gonna pop your...
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    CLAIRE( isis )RAUNCHY Techno/Electro/Breakbeat + Minimal

    RAUNCHY Techno/Electro/Breakbeat + Minimal-CLAIRE'S NEW MIX- CLAIRE (formerly known as dj isis) has a new mix here with some hot tracks by UFFIE, ADAM BEYER, SOMEONE ELSE, ALEX UNDER, WE ARE, TIPPER, and more. To listen or DL...
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    RAW Phunky Techno Never Die : FLIM

    Hi everyone ,,, Hope Techno treatin ya well !!! i am a techno freak!!!!! but not too! minimal .. new mix ,, for everyone to pump it at home or in your car !!! TRIBALLY , Pounding Phunky techno!! for all!!!! include the POLICE part !!!!!!! listen carefully...