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    What's up?!?!!

    Who's still on here... been a minute, how are all you crazy bastards keepin' on?
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    Mat Lunnen Dirty Tricks Podcast Episode #2: Pezzner

    2nd in a series of podcasts i'm putting together. Please have a listen! Dirty Tricks Podcast #2 PEZZNER by Mat Lunnen | Mixcloud
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    Mat Lunnen - Slow Your Roll Mix

    A laid back mix of nu disco, deep house and tech. Mat Lunnen | Mixcloud
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    Whoa whoa....whoa...easy Xbox ad....

    Alex, you have an xBox ad with audio at the top of the page that almost blew my face off when it played. I'm old, I don't like loud noises. LOUD NOISES!!
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    Mat Lunnen Sunnydaze 2013 Mix.

    50 minute mix i threw together of some tunes i've played out this summer on the patio. https://soundcloud.com/mat-lunnen/sunnydaze-2013-dirty-tricks-dj
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    Men's hockey and bullshit.....

    Can you separate competitive hockey and bullshit? I play Sr B division as a goalie. Last night.....I had a guy crash the net...then proceed to jump on my back as I was down......rip of my helmet.....and punch the back of my head numerous times. Completely unprovoked. He claimed I tripped him...
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    Merry Christmas Tribe!

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Alexd, all the best! I'll be back online after the holidays to hear all about how it went down! Mrs. Pink! Mr. Pink and the two little Pinklets wish you all the best too!
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    Marco Corola @ FW Saturday?

    I'll be in town, and looks like this is on the menu. Who's going?
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    Mat Lunnen Sunnydaze 2012 mix

    a quick hour long mix i put together showcasing some of the tunes i was playing this summer at our sunnydaze events here in London. http://soundcloud.com/mat-lunnen/mat-lunnen-sunnydaze-2012-mix
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    Baby Joel, Simon Jain, Mat Lunnen in London this Sunday afternoon

    sweet patio party at up on carling in case any London based tribers wanted to join us for a Corona. Lot's of locals on the bill as well. Free jam. Starts at 2pm. Should be fun if the weather holds up.
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    lazydaze returns....at night! Mar 30th Stone Lounge

    March 30th at Stone Lounge. Sage Sleazebot (Rich Hope and Jeff Button) Unicorns (Mat Lunnen and Mike D) should be a good time, nice to see the old school fam again.
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    Terry Mullan @ The APK Live LONDON

    So now that i've dealt with my hangover....i'll post. London is a small scene, and even by those standards....it was still under attended. Maybe 100 or so peeps in a venue that holds 250. I guess it will be a process to build up a following...but Emma Pace (promoter) did all the right...
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    Sneakin' and Freakin'?

    So? I'm sure all i'll hear about is the negative.... blah blah blah downsview.... blah blah blah lineups.... but how was it really?
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    Terry Mullan, Mat Lunnen...Mike D...London Ontario.

    Nov 12th, new space, goes late. For anyone that wants to come up for a shit kicking. at the APK Live.
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    poll for the girls:

    wait, i spelt that wrong.
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    All you Rage fans, check this out....

    ‪Rage Against The Machine - First Public Performance (Full Concert)‬‏ - YouTube a video of their first ever show, at their university.....it's crazy good.
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    Does the Acai Berry really work?

    So....i'm an ice hockey goalie, 37 years old...and playing a high level. My back and knees are both extremely stiff and sore almost all the time from playing. There is a guy on my team that SWEARS that this acai berry blend drink that he drinks everyday has improved his back and knee...
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    Question for the real estate types on the board!

    I'm reseaching a mortgage broker role with my current employer. 100% commision. So, what are your thoughts, and how do you agents handle your relationships with mortgage brokers?
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    London On Real Estate Question....

    How would i go about finding who holds what percentage of market share in terms on London Real Estate Brokerages?
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    vascectomy, next friday.

    ouch. anyone have it done?