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    Room for rent in Lakefront apt in South Etobicioke.

    Room for rent in 2-bedroom, main-floor apartment in South Etobicoke. Full lake view since the suite is at the back of the building. 3 minute walk to the water's edge. Close to grocery stores and Humber Bay Park, and other conveniences. Laundry in building. Shared accommodation with a 38 year old...
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    Dancin up a cloud

    I like to dance around at home sometimes. Here are a couple youtube links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tbJ6arMI74 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuIdJ2uclTA
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    Anyone looking for a kombucha "mother"?

    I've been brewing kombucha for a while now, and my jar is stacked with mega-mothers. I don't know too many other people who are making it near my place (South Etobicoke).....so I thought I'd offer a mother or two to anyone who wants to get going brewing their own kombucha. It has been awesome...
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    LF--Magic the Gathering

    I recently got back into playing Magic, and was wondering if any tribers have MTG collections that they would be willing to sell? I am not a serious player......just a few games with my wife once in a while. Hoping to find some cards so I can add to my decks. I'm sure someone out there...
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    Native Craft Sale--November 29th

    Hi everyone, There is a native craft sale coming up on Saturday, November 29th. It will be held at the Native Canadian Centre located at 16 Spadina (just north of Bloor, on the West side) from 10am to 4pm, inside the main auditorium. I have rented a table this year and will be...
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    I can't figure out how to put a picture of the item I want to sell in my thread...help please.

    I'm have trouble attaching a picture to my buy/sell posting......how do I do it?
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    looking for macaw tail feathers

    Does anyone know somebody who has a pet macaw? i am looking for some of the long "centre-tail" feathers so I can complete a ceremonial prayer fan that I am working on. Any help would be appreciated......I am willing to pay cash, but I am also open to trades. I have other ceremonial...
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    Looking to buy "Magic the Gathering" cards

    I used to play Magic quite regularly when I was younger, and now I have an urge to teach my wife how to play, so we can drop a few spells in our spare time. I'm not looking for anything specific.......just hoping to find someone who has a collection of Magic The Gathering cards that they are...
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    Found a way to access USA version of Netflix!

    Holy crap.....my buddy was not joking when he told me that the Canadian Netflix sucks compared to the USA version. There are a few ways to get the USA version. If you are already a subscriber to the Canadian Netflix....it will be no problem. These are the ways I was shown: 1. Google a site...
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    February TTC Metropass for sale (student/senior)

    I have a student/senior February TTC Metropass for sale. Regular cost was $106......I'm willing to let it go for $80 or best offer. PM me or call my cell if you are interested 647-856-3952 Dave
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    Adam Beyer @ Footwork

    The place was rammed full and the hard, driving techno was top-notch. Most people were smiling and respectful/friendly. At one point it looked like Ida Engberg and Adam Beyer were doing a tag-team set. So good to hear some solid techno in the city. Smooth progressive house is wonderful, but...
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    anyone try the pre-workout energy drink called "1MR" ?

    I wanted some extra pep for my morning workouts, so I bought this powder called 1MR ( it stands for "one more rep" )......holy tingles dude.....that stuff makes me feel like my hair is growing and I can do insane amounts of push ups while rushing on the stuff......I have tried other "energy"...
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    Anyone Really Breathing?

    I have noticed such an improvement in my overall energy level once I started making an effort to take deeper breaths throughout the day. All esoteric training has a deep-breathing component.....Chinese medicine states that our organs have a corresponding emotional energy signature which can get...
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    LF a Cargo Van

    I am moving up north in a couple months and I am getting organized now.....so, I need a van with no seats in the back, so I can stuff it with all my things and drive into the wild. I am looking for something that runs, and that has a few years left in it......but at a reasonable price. My price...
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    WTB--High-End Audiophile headphones

    I am looking to buy a good pair of headphones (not for DJ use) so I can get the most sound out of this used BOSE discman I just scored at a thrift shop. Anybody have some primo Grados or Sennheisers, etc... that they want to sell for a decent price? I dont want to go to Bay Bloor Radio and drop...
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    Jeff Mills @ Avant X

    Anyone else excited to see what Mills has been brewing in the techno lab? The flyer says he has visuals to go along with his tunes----( time-lapse video of melting ice cream cones, perhaps...? )--------anyway, it will be awesome even if it is a pulsing line on a white screen.-------Mills...
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    cufflinks for sale--very affordable

    I have over 200 pairs of cufflinks. I have been collecting for over ten years and I am ready to thin-out my stock. I have around 50 unique vintage pairs and a whole sack of brand new pairs still in the wrapping ( all new ones are stainless steel with a variety of patterns ). I am also a custom...
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    Scalar Energy Pendants

    I bought one of these things and it SEEMS to be helping me on some level. I wear it to bed and I sleep better and I put my glasses of water on the pendant for a while before I drink it, and it APPEARS to be a bit smoother. Maybe it is the highest level of psychosomatic healing, but the company...
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    Canadian Olympic Skeleton athelete Michael Thompson shows-up late for his race !

    Holy WTF man ! What could this dude have possibly been doing that was more important than his chance to represent Canada as a Skeleton athlete ? I hope he wasn't slipping-in a few last drags on his Benson&Hedges 100's in the alley out back. Please tell me he was in some plush red bed shaped...
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    Limacon at Drake Underground

    I had a blast saturday night at the Drake. The sets were consistent deep tech-house and the system was loud and clear. James Teej did awesome with his live filtered lyrics ( at one point he actually said "Ground control to Major Tom"----wild ). Limacon was jumping around behind the decks like a...