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    FS: Audio Technica ATH-CM7 Headphones

    Brand new Audio Technica ATH-CM7 SV Ear Bud Headphones - $120.00 Asking $120.00 MSRP US$249.00 The 15.5 mm diameter neodymium drivers in Audio-Technica's ATH-CM7 SV aluminum ear-bud headphones deliver deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity. Extended cord support on ear buds...
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    Dynaudio bm5a professional studio monitors

    I purchased these two years ago from Long & McQuade. They are in absolute mint condition and are one of the top level monitors on the market. I used them for production work only at low to moderate listening levels. Here is a link for the specs: http://www.dynaudioacoustics.com/bm5a.asp...
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    KRK V6 Series 2 - Studio Monitors - $600

    $600.00 For Sale 1 pair of KRK systems V6 series 2 Powered studio monitors in excellent condition. Some Features include: 6" woven Kevlar woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter 90w biamp w24dB oct.filter XLR/TRS combo input 55 Hz to 20kHz Magnetically Shielded Auto on/off feature...
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    FS: XBOX 360 UFC Undisputed

    UFC Undisputed - $50.00
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    Sony Psp + 3 Games

    I bought this during the summer because I wanted something to keep me busy on my flight to and from Paris. I spent about 8 hours on it and havent used it since. It's practically brand new. INCLUDES: SONY PSP 3 GAMES: GRAND THEFT AUTO - VICE CITY STORIES TEKKEN 4 - DARK...
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    quality drum samples

    I'm looking for some quality drum samples. Everything I have now just seems so thin sounding and electronic. I'd like to be able to use something a little more realistic sounding. Thanks for the help.
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    Here's my mix for the summer. Enjoy! Sean Collier - After Hours
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    Sean Collier - Ride The Lightning - House mix

    Enjoy the mix. Let me know what you think. Tracklist: 1) Lifelike - Discopolis (Kerri Chandler Bigga mix) 2) Franck Roger - Turn Me Over 3) Dennis Ferrer - Transitions 4) Spirit Catcher - Spacialized 5) G-Club - Faith (Shapeshifters mix) 6) Deep Josh - Back To Rhodes (Angel Pia mix)...
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    Sean Collier - SUPERCHARGED - Electro mix

    Here is a new mix for you all to enjoy. Feedback is always welcomed! Tracklist: 1) Nu Electric - No Matter What (TV Rock mix) 2) Baggi Begovic - Safe 3) Tune Brothers - I Like It 4) Erick E - The Beat Is Rockin 5) Max Linen - Back To Mine (Martijn Ten Velden mix) 6) Kaskade - Be...
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    Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Sean Collier remix)

    I heard this song a while back on a mix - I think it was a mix by Sage. I loved the vocals, but I just thought it could really use a cool beat, so i've remixed the track. Hope you like it, and feedback would be great! Thanks. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Sean Collier remix)
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    ** These Beatz ** Sean Collier - House mix

    Download here ---> http://www.djseancollier.com/mp3/Sean%20Collier%20-%20These%20Beatz.mp3
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    Layer Cake - House mix - Sean Collier

    Download Layer Cake --> http://www.djseancollier.com/mp3/Sean%20Collier%20-%20Layer%20Cake.mp3 Feedback is always appreciated!
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    new track - Layer Cake

    Just thought i would post this track i've been working on, and hopefully get some feedback. I've kinda hit a wall on this and would like to hear what you think is missing. Thanks! Sean Collier - Layer Cake
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    FS: Vestax mixer, High-end computer speakers

    Item #1: Vestax PCV-002 mixer - $100.00 The mixer is in mint condition. It is a perfect starter mixer with a quality brand name. I paid $300 for it and am selling it because i purchased a new mixer. Item #2: Altec Lansing FX 6021 speakers - $200.00 These are high-end speakers for music...
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    FS: Rane Serato Scratch

    Rane Serato Scratch - $675.00 I had this item listed about a month ago for $750.00 - i havent used it since then, so i am dropping the price to $675.00. It retails for $749.00 + tax = $860.00. You would be saving close to $200.00. It works perfectly and it also comes with an extra set...
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    FS: Vestax mixer and Needles

    1) Vestax PCV-002 mixer - $150.00 - perfect working condition/no scratches http://www.acclaim-music.com/live/customer/product.php?productid=753 2) Stanton Trackmaster Roger Sanchez Needles - price drop $150.00 - used for about 6 hours. email - sean58[@]telus.net
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    Ronnie Coleman rippin it up

    800lb deadlift http://www.metacafe.com/watch/44282/ronnie_coleman_lift/ 200lb dumbell bench press http://www.metacafe.com/watch/56118/ronnie_coleman_workout/ nuttz...
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    LF: 19 inch LCD Monitor

    I am looking for one or two 19 inch lcd monitors. If you know of anyone selling one please let me know. You can email me sean58[@]telus.net
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    FS: 1200's..Serato..Needles..and more

    I really havent been using my 1200's enough over the past few months for me to justify having them take up space in my tiny bedroom, so I am willing to sell them. Also, I would be willing to part with Serato if the price is right. This is an item that I would just as much like to keep and use...
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    FS: Lots of DJ Gear

    My buddy is selling off all of his gear and he asked me to post this for him. I think he's asking too little, but he just wants to see it gone. 2 Technics 1200s (SL-M3D, SL-MK2)(one silver, one black) >>>>Stanton RM3 3 channel mixer >>>>Stanton 890SA needles with case and extra stylus...